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Handy dog

What is Handy dog?

What is Handy dog?

Handy dog is a RallyO class unique to NZ. It combines skills from Rally and Zoom with other skills typically required as foundation for Agility and dancing with dogs, to name just two! Many of these extra exercises might be seen as simple Tricks to do with your dog! Handy dog also includes a range of obstacles for the dog to negotiate. The major difference will be the use of equipment, as well as the change of side, with the dog required to change side during the exercise.

This class was introduced in 2012. It is intended to add signs over time to ensure the class stays interesting.


The object of this class is to show that the dog can

·       perform exercise stations on either side of the handler

·       perform a range of obstacles, all at low impact


Marrying is where two or more signs are placed at the same numbered station. In Zoom and Handy dogs signs may be married. Married signs are performed in sequence from left to right. For each level there will be a maximum number of stations that may have married signs.

Rally and Zoom signs applicable for the level may be used. Check the rules for which other signs and obstacles can be used at each level. There will be changes of side at all levels, with the changes occuring at the lowest levels whilst the dog is stationary. Some signs may be married, although not at Foundation level. 


Labyrinth. This is a series of directional changes. Changes of direction are defined by a series of poles laid on the ground (see diagram) Poles are 1.2 -1.5m long and fixed to the ground. The handler should pause at each change of direction with feet apart so the dog does not sit, but pivots on its hindlegs.

Plank. Ramps 2.4-3m long, 300mm wide, non-slip surface. The ramp may be slightly elevated off the ground at both ends by at least 100mm but no more than 200mm (eg. block of 4x2 underneath). The dog must walk along the ramp using all 4 feet on at least half of the plank.

Stool/Perch. An elevated platform where the dog is required to put the front legs on the stool and move the back legs around. The handler can require the dog to move either left or right. Both the handler and dog move around a full circle. For increased difficulty only the dog moves.

Other obstacles.

- Tunnel

- Weave poles

- Jump

- seesaw

- hoop

The level of difficulty will increase. This will mean different obstacles, more changes of side, more marrying and extra new signs. There will be signs that ask for a change of side while the dog is still, and then the change of sides will be on the move