NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis

Handy dog titles

Handy dog Advanced

March 2019......Liz Barlow and Polly

August 2018....Ann McSweeney and Katy

August 2018... Rhonda Campbell and Asti

August 2017 ...Fiona Richmond and Luca

August 2017.....Karen de Wit and Dee

August 2014.....Ann McSweeney and Holly

Handy dog Novice

2018 Jane Aukett and Holly

2018 Helen Carter and Trax

2018 Peter de Wit and Sequel

2018 Helena Akesson and Echo

2017 Lynda Cummins and Blaze

2017 Judith Parkinson and Tia

2017 Penny Bushell and tank

2016 Rhonda Campbell and Asti

2016  Lynne Birkett and Bolly

2016 Clare Grattan and Vince

2016 Karen de Wit and Dee

2016 Emma Speeden and Bull

2016 Emma Speeden and Zoe

2015  Nicky Detheridge-Davies and Rufus

2015  Mary Browne and Monty

2015  Donna Garrity and Mack

July 2014   Liz Barlow and Dixie 

2014  Robin Gemmill and Col

2014 Jenny Purdom and Kyla

2014   Jane OÇallaghan and Ruku

Oct 2013   Ann McSweeney and Holly

Aug 2013 Ann McSweeney and Katy

Aug 2013 Liz Barlow and Dougal

July 2012   Rachael Rae and Lucy

July 2012    Lynda Cummins and Chloe

July 2012   Robyn Fargher and Leo

Sept 2012   Robyn Fargher and Gypsy

Dec 2012    Jenny Purdom and Flynn

Dec 2012    Elsie Marriot and Fat Albert

Handy dog Foundation

Dec 2018   Wendy Osmond and Gunnah

Dec 2018    Wendy Osmond and Pip

Aug 2018   Cherie Picking and Tank Destroyer

Aug 2017  Penny Bushell and Tank

July 2016   Lynne Birkett and Bolly

 Sept 2012  Beverley Thompson & Khon