NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis


How do you become a NZARO Judge?

NZARO has a policy of encouraging everyone to have a go at Rally, and we also encourage you to consider becoming a judge.

A Judge must demonstrate a sound knowledge of RallyO. They must have attained at least two qualifying certificates at Novice level. In addition they must pass a written test on Rally and they must attend at least one rally seminar.

A Judge must demonstrate consistency to all competitors.  They must have a good knowledge of the rules of RallyO and keep up to date on these. They must be friendly to all competitors and act in a professional and positive manner. They must act in a responsible manner as a guest of the officiating club.

NZARO Judging Requirements. For a full description of the Requirements to become a NZARO judge.

For more information on becoming a judge contact an Executive member

Designing Rally Courses

For a good course design programme download the Course Walker programme.

List of NZARO Judges

Select a Judge from the list below when running a NZARO Rally event.


Ann McSweeney [email protected]

Hawkes Bay

Robyn Fargher   [email protected].

Beverley Thomson [email protected]


Linda Guinness [email protected]

(Novice) Rachel Rae   [email protected]

Kapiti Coast 

Sheelah Stevens [email protected]

Upper Hutt

Karen de Wit [email protected]


Mike Butler [email protected]

Jane O'Callaghan [email protected]

Jan Voss [email protected]


Donna Garrity [email protected]

Melanie Wyse [email protected]

Rebecca Conole [email protected]

South Island.

Yvette Coutts [email protected]

Lyn Clearwater  [email protected]

(Novice) Diana O'Kane 160 Norwood Rd, Normanby, Dunedin [email protected]

(Novice) Elaine Limburg 175 Chain Hills Road, RD1, Dunedin 9076 0274582861 [email protected]