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DAWG Rally event, March 2019

Big thanks to Liz Barlow and her awesome DAWGsters for running the first ever rallyO event on their new grounds. 

The weather was superb and the turnout was pretty good especially at Foundation and Novice level. 

For a full list of the Results, click here.

Upper hutt rally o december 2018

This event was held in conjunction with Upper Hutt's agility event. 
There was a great turnout of people with lots of new dogs.

21 in Zoom Foundation

19 in Zoom Novice

18 in Handy Novice

Big thanks to Sheelah Stevens and Robyn Fargher for judging.


DUNEDIN RallyO 7-8 July

Have just had another successful weekend in Dunedin.   We only did Foundation and Novice over all three disciplines.    A long day judging on Saturday – slightly shorter on Sunday.

There were 39 individual dogs entered from Invercargill to Oamaru.    164 entries – 90 on Saturday and 74 on Sunday.    Thank goodness Lyn was able to judge-  couldn’t handle them all on my own !!

We are planning another weekend before the end of the year – should have more entering then as well but it was great to see some of our newbies entered and succeeding this weekend.   Our next weekend will include Advanced and Excellent so will hopefully be even busier than this one. 

By Yvette Coutts

Well, we are all recovering from the most amazing NZARO show in Dunedin this weekend, hosted by Otago Canine Training Club. We have never had such big entries for any Rally show - much bigger than our Obedience Champ shows even - and all but two of the competitors were locals! Not a surprise further north perhaps, but very impressive for a southern town like Dunedin. We had so many new handlers jumping in feet first after just a few weeks of training, and they all ran so well with great results.

Thank you to our judges, Yvette Coutts and Lyn Clearwater, who set up the best courses - so much fun to run - and were so encouraging and supportive of nervous newbies. Thank you also to Helena Akesson for show managing so efficiently, despite having 20 runs over the weekend, Karen Tustin for giving up her whole weekend to take on the mammoth and chaotic task of managing entries and results (this woman is truly amazing), Ailsa Hawkinsfor making fudge and bagging up prizes at the absolute last minute, and all the wonderful OCTC rallyoteers who lent a hand before, during and after the show to make it such an enjoyable success.

We definitely want to do this again later in the year, but lining up venue, judges, and a free date all for the same weekend is an almost impossible task, so we will have to see what happens.

by Diana OKane - NZARO RallyO 7th and 8th July 2018.pdfThe results from Dunedin. 

HAWKES BAY RallyO Show, May 2018

Annual NALA Results 2018

First South Island event - 30th Sept-Oct 1st 2017.

We have had a blast!!!  A fantastically successfull weekend.   Just on 100 dog runs entered over the two days.   We ran Rally, Zoom and Handy Dog at Foundation and Novice level.   Saturday was Rally Foundation and Novice and Zoom Foundation.  Sunday was Zoom Novice and Handy Dog Foundation and Novice.   

I was so impressed with our local people - the majority of them brand new handlers untrained in obedience or agility.  They were so bloody good!    Diana O'Kane and Helena Akersson have done a super good job training them in all Rally codes and everything required to run a show from setting up courses to timing to the final clean up at the end of the day and all the jobs in between like preparing a shared lunch and cleaning the kitchen up when this was finished.   These people were super!

I don't think there was one person who didn't go home without something to take with them - and they all loved it!!

Hopefully this will just be the start - they are very keen to do more Zoom and Handy Dog in the near future and this will depend on available weekends to do so.   We will be trying for Ribbon trials at least at the end of each section of their training schedule.    

Karen - I realise this has taken around 12 months since I spent the weekend with you - but it has been 12 months well spent.   NZARO Rally is now alive and very well in the South.   

I certainly enjoyed my weekend judging as well and I understand Lyn Clearwater is meeting up with someone at Labour weekend to find out how she goes about becoming an NZARO judge.   She has already done a lot of reading of the rules and regs and sign descriptions.   She also ran four of her dogs successfully this weekend.   

I'm ready now to put my feet up and relax a bit.  It was a lot of work by a lot of enthusiastic  people and we did it!   Thank you for inviting me up last year and starting my enthusiasm off.  It was great seeing the start of so many other peoples enthusiasm this weekend.   We've opened the box now!! 

Yvette Coutts

EXPO 2017

Another successful Expo is over.

Thanks to all who made it possible, the wonderful RDA for letting us hire their awesome indoor venue, President Linda, Judges and all those who came and supported it.

If you are a NZARO member, dont forget to count your certificates and apply for titles and Milestone patches. 


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2016 Xmas greetings from NZARO


RALLY-O at Upper Hutt, December 10th 2016

Thanks to all who came and supported this event. Judges were: Linda Guiness, Robyn Fargher and Bev Thomson who all designed courses that were a challenge but fun as well!! Was great to see newcomer Clint Perkins get a Merit certificate and join NZARO. Jane Aukett was another local who joined NZARO after lovely runs with both her shelties Holly and Quinn. The event was held in the club grounds and was mostly good weather, rain coming in at the end! ADDICTION supplied some samples for each participant, and top qualifies as well as a draw for a goodie basket which was won by Linda Guiness! Quality presentation provided ribbons and we thank them again for supporting NZARO. (photos by Vivienne Lewis)

Rally Foundation 1                                                             

1       Jane Aukett                        Quinn        98                65.674

2       Judith Parkinson                 Tia             97                89.314

3       Heather Fraser                   Yogi           97                89.432

4       Robyn Fargher                    ASTRO      96                90.521

4       Vivienne Lewis                    Winter      94                82.107

5       Lynne Birkett                       Harley       88                91.858

6       Clint Perkins                        Caesar      83                94.295

         Robyn Fargher                    Lyric                              nq



         Rally Novice 1                                                            

1       Karen de Wit                       Dee           100             73.840

2       Mike Butler                          Idol            100             91.160

3       Judith  Parkinson                 Tia             100             101.160

4       Robin Gemmill                     Birdie        100             109.410

5       Jane Aukett                          Holly         99                89.190

6       Karen de Wit                        Quick        98                89.930

7       Karen de Wit                        Finn           97                101.590

8       Robyn Fargher                     Shuffle      92                130.780

9       Robyn Fargher                     Wyn          92                141.630

10     Mike Butler                          Toby          79                122.440

         Vivienne Lewis                     Ramble                         nq



         Rally Advanced 1                                                       

1       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   Rufus        100             111.077

2       Rhonda Campbell              Asti            98                125.715

3       Lynne Birkett                      Bolly          96                118.310

         Libby Clout                         Lahja                             nq



         Rally Excellent                                                           

 1       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   Rufus        100             115.060

 2       Robin Gemmill                   Col            100             115.900

 3       Rhonda Campbell              Asti            95               121.150


         Handy dog Foundation                                            

1       Bev Thomson                       Broige       98                66.690

2       Vivienne Lewis                     Winter      95                70.500

3       Jane Aukett                          Quinn        95                72.470

4       Judith Parkinson                  Tia             89                58.790

5       Robyn Fargher                     Lyric          82                118.820

6       Heather Fraser                    Yogi           79                82.650

         Clint Perkins                         Caesar                          nq

         Clint Perkins                         Elinor                            nq



         Handy dog Novice                                                    

1       Jane Aukett                          Holly         100             102.430

2       Mike Butler                          Idol            99                104.870

3       Mike Butler                          Toby          96                119.220

4       Judith                                     Tia             96                126.810

5       Vivienne Lewis                     Ramble     90                124.820



         Handy dog advanced                                               

1       Rhonda Campbell               Asti            95                106.500

2       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   rufus         90                102.875

3       Lynne Birkett                       Bolly          89                107.870

4       Karen de Wit                        Dee           77               



         Handy dog excellent                                                

1       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   Rufus        95                110.286

2       Karen de Wit                        Dee           87                82.291

3       Rhonda Campbell               Asti            84                163.232

         Zoom Foundation                                                     

1       Vivienne Lewis                     Winter      99                68.780

2       Jane Aukett                          Quinn        99                80.060

3       Judith Parkinson                  Tia             98                93.850

4       Heather Fraser                    Yogi           97                93.370

5       Bev Thomson                       Broige       96                91.040

         Clint Perkins                         Caesar                          nq

         Clint Perkins                         Elinor                            nq

         Robyn Fargher                     ASTRO                          nq



         Zoom Novice                                                             

1       Jane Aukett                          Holly         100             64.500

2       Robin Gemmill                     Birdie        100             95.560

3       Karen de Wit                        Quick        99                70.720

4       Mike Butler                          Idol            99                75.540

5       Judith                                     Tia             98                87.660

6       Mike Butler                          Toby          97                90.880

7       Lynne Birkett                       Harley       96                91.940

8       Bev Thomson                       Khon         95                76.120

9       Bev Thomson                       Te              95                80.530

10     Karen de Wit                        Finn           94                76.470

11     Vivienne Lewis                     Ramble     94                100.530

12     Robyn Fargher                     Wyn          93                103.870



         Zoom Advanced                                                        

1       Karen de Wit                        Dee           100             104.868

2       Rhonda Campbell               Asti            99                122.071

3       Lynne Birkett                       Bolly          96                118.531

4       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   Rufus        96                120.410

5       Libby Clout                           Lahja         91                160.625



         Zoom Excellent                                                         

1       Robin Gemmill                     Col             100             138.901

2       Nicky Detheridge-Davies   Rufus        96                116.918

3       Rhonda Campbell               Asti            96                134.260

4       Karen de Wit                        Dee           94                113.153

Wairarapa Rally O event, 26th November

Fantastic day at our Nzaro Rally Event! The weather gods kinda played the game!...horrendous wind at times but minimal rain! Our own club members did some amazing work in the ring and deserve to be super proud of their achievements today! We also had a record amount of out of town entries who did well which was great!
Full results will be posted once my eyeballs recover from their wind burn! Special thanks to Linda, Melanie and Rebecca for judging today and also to everyone who pitched in with timing, helping set up/break down courses, chasing down windblown signs and being drill sargents ( Yvonne) 😉making sure the next dog was ready to go in the ring! Makes it so much easier with so much willing help. Much appreciated guys, by Donna Garrity

Central Allbreeds Dog Sports (CADS), November 19th


Central Allbreeds Dog Sports (CADS) ran an NZARO event on Saturday, 19th November, and what a great day was had by all.

Can I just say, NZARO people are without exception, helpful, friendly and accommodating, which makes for a really enjoyable event. Because as far as I am concerned, that's why Ramble, Winter and I do Rally: we are there to have fun with like minded people, and with just enough friendly competition to add a little frisson to the day. I love how we applaud our winners, and encourage those who maybe having an off-day.

Thank-you to our lovely judges: Sheelah Stevens (Zoom and Rally, Foundation and Novice classes) and Jan Voss (Zoom and Rally, Advanced and Excellent classes). Special mention goes to Johanna and her kitchen fairies, the exceedingly talented Jo Moore, who generously gave of her time to photograph the day, and Kate and Maryse battling technology on the desk. And to everyone who came, helped and and participated: thank-you. We can't have a successful day without you.

Wellington also came to the party with stunning weather, all the more appreciated given how our week started.

For me, the highlight of the day has to be the venerable Ruku - 13 years young - winning the first place ribbon in Zoom Excellent, and coming second in Rally Advanced. He can still teach those young dogs a thing or two. by Viv Lewis

Central Allbreeds Dog Sports  NZARO Rally Event Saturday 19 November 2016

Final Results:

Rally Foundation – Judge Sheelah Stevens

Mike Butler                  Toby                   Z                  1:46:65           1

Jane O'Callaghan          Tink                     96                1:28:99           2

Morgan Edgecombe    Moose                96                1:59:43           3

Judith Parkinson          Tia                       90                2:00:71          

Arti Chand                    Lady                    87                1:43:80          

Liz Barlow                     Frank                   85                2:38:55          

Arti Chand                    Scruffy                80                2:06:74          


Rally Novice – Judge Sheelah Stevens

Mike Butler                            Idol                  99         1:46:606     1

Johanna Mendell                  Ruby                99         2:00:99       2

Morgan Edgecombe            Moose             99         2:49:24       3

Jane O'Callaghan                  Mono              98         1:50:449    

Jan Voss                                  Halley              89         2:08:800    

Judith Parkinson                    Tia                    89         2:25:456    

Rachel H-W                            Scout               80         1:56:39      

Arti Chand                              Scruffy             NQ       -                   


Rally Advanced – Judge Jan Voss

Sonia Calvert               Sputnik     92                2:34:817           1

Jane O'Callaghan        Ruku          77                3:06:054           2

Liz Barlow                    Polly          NQ              -                          -

Liz Barlow                    Dixie          NQ              -                          -


Rally Excellent – Judge Jan Voss

Sonia Calvert               Sputnik        97                2:52:98      1

Sheelah Stevens          Pepsi            87                3:16:15      2


Zoom Foundation – Judge Sheelah Stevens

Judith Parkinson         Tia                                 100        1:24:685                 1

Rachel H-W                 Scout                            100        1:28:345                 2

Mike Butler                  Toby                             100        1:34:399                 3

Liz Barlow                    Frank                            98          1:47:586                

Morgan Edgecombe  Moose                         97          1:54:931                

Jane O'Callaghan        Tink                               96          1:26:533                

Jennifer Gilbert           Val                                93          1:33:162                

Arti Chand                    Lady                              90          1:37:766                

Sonia Calvert               Winnie The Pooh       89          1:30:106                

Eva Calvert                  Sputnik                         NonC     -                               


Zoom Novice – Judge Sheelah Stevens

Jane O'Callaghan        Mono                100             1:20:031     1

Rachel H-W                 Scout                 100             1:36:312     2

Judith Parkinson         Tia                      100             1:47:607     3

Mike Butler                  Idol                    99                1:31:613     4

Johanna Mennell        Ruby                  97                1:54:163     5

Morgan Edgecombe  Moose              97                1:54:460     6

Arti Chand                    Scruffy              70                2:04:243    


Zoom Advanced – Judge Jan Voss

Liz Barlow                    Polly         96                2:10:44      1

Sonia Calvert               Toto         90                1:51:00      2

Liz Barlow                    Dixie         86                2:30:32      3

Liz Barlow                    Dougal     NQ              -                  


Zoom Excellent – Judge Jan Voss

Jane O'Callaghan         Ruku     96                02:35:28     1

Sheelah Stevens          Pepsi    95                02:01:10     2



EXPO 2016 has come and gone.

Thanks to all who came and had a go, and especially to all our judges, and especially thankyou to those who filled in when Linda was too sick to judge!! And new judges Rebecca and Donna, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to the committee members who did all the jobs, and to Robyn who did our results as well as the ladies who gave her a hand, thankyou so much, and to the other Robin who organised the food.
Once again we got to enjoy the wonderful venue, rain, shine or wind its fantastic in there! The AGM was held on Saturday, minutes will be up soon, as well as prizegiving pictures!
Above: Rufus
Left: Dee

Club: Rotorua Rally-O Group         Limited Rally Trial : RALLY

Date:  28 June 2016                        Judge: Ann McSweeney

RF        Julie Cowell                          Sunny        2.13.47            4             96

RA       Julie Cowell                          Penny         2.34.09            20           80

Club: Rotorua Rally-O Group         Limited Rally Trial : HANDY DOG

Date:  9 August 2016                      Judge: Ann McSweeney

HDN       Mary Browne                   Monty              2.18.85           3       97

Wairarapa Handy Dog Seminar, January 2016

Wairarapa hosted a small seminar on Handy Dog for their members in early January 2016.  Yours truly (Linda Guinness) facilitated and I think I can safely say despite the heat and the rain, thanks to the great indoor venue, a great time was had by all who attended. We started off by listing all the things people would like to learn that day, prioritised them and worked through everything by the end of the day.  A delicious lunch was provided by the Wairarapa girls.  

The top three items on the list were the Clockwise and Anticlockwise Pivots and the Go Round stations. I have uploaded a brief video of Robin Gemmill and her lovely obliging Cole demonstrating the correct way to perform these stations and you can find them under the "Handbook, Signs" tab under Demonstrations. I am happy to arrange for more demos to be uploaded to that page should people have specific stations they would like clarification on.

Wairarapa NZARO event, November 2015.



Heather Fraser                       Yogi             Y                  84                1.57.47                            Linda Guinness                                                  RF 1

Chrissy Harris                          Lace            Y                  NQ                                                         Linda Guinness

                                                  RF 1


Lynne Birkett                          Bolly            Y                  100              1.29.06          1                Linda Guinness                                                  RN

Nicky Detheridge-Davies      Rufus           Y                  100              1.34.09          2                Linda Guinness                                                  RN

Rhonda Campbell                  Asti              Y                  98                1.22.13          3                Linda Guinness                                                  RN

Donna Garrity           Mack RN ZN                  Y                   96           1.28.18      4             Linda Guinness              RN

Beverley Thomson                 Khon            Y                  NQ               1.35.78                            Linda Guinness                                                  RN

Beverley Thomson                 TeRe            Y                  NQ               1.44.37                            Linda Guinness



Rhonda Campbell                  Asti              y                   99                2.03.03          1                Linda Guinness                                                  RA

Lynne Birkett                          Bolly            y                   95                2.27.50          2                Linda Guinness                                                  RA

Liz Barlow                                Dixie            y                   93                2.53.94          3                Linda Guinness                                                  RA

Nicky Detheridge-Davies      Rufus           y                   NQ                                                         Linda Guinness                                                  RA

Rebecca Conole                     Blondie       Y                  NQ                                                         Linda Guinness



Robin Gemmill                        Col               Y                  100              2.34.35          1                Linda Guinness



Beverley Thomson                 Broige         Y                  94                1.40.07          1                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZF

Robyn Fargher                        Astro           Y                  93                2.37.11          2                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZF

Donna Garrity                         Lexi              Y                  85                2.14.10          3                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZF

Chrissy Harris                          Lace            Y                  NQ               1.52.18                            Rebecca Conole                                                  ZF

Heather Fraser                       Yogi             Y                  NQ               2.05.84                            Rebecca Conole



Donna Garrity                         Mack RN ZN                 100                 1.19.78        1                                                  Rebecca Conole            ZN

Rhonda Campbell                  Asti              Y                  100              1.24.31          2                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZN

Lynne Birkett                          Bolly            Y                  100              1.24.72          3                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZN

Robyn Fargher                        Wyna          Y                  92                1.26.09          4                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZN

Beverley Thomson                 Khon            Y                  86                1.53.85          5                Rebecca Conole                                                  ZN

Beverley Thomson                 TeRe            Y                  NQ               1.40.12                            Rebecca Conole                                                  ZN

Linda Guiness                          Jager           Y                  NQ                                                         Rebecca Conole



Nicky Detheridge-Davies      Rufus           Y                  97                2.12.94          1                Robyn Fargher                                                  ZA

Liz Barlow                                Dixie            Y                  97                2.26.00          2                Robyn Fargher                                                  ZA

Rhonda Campbell                  Asti              Y                  96                2.22.43          3                Robyn Fargher                                                  ZA

Donna Garrity                         Mack RN ZN                   Y                   95                   2.20.53    4                                                  Robyn Fargher               ZA

Rebecca Conole                     Blondie       Y                  93                2.17.65          5                Robyn Fargher                                                  ZA

Lynne Birkett                          Bolly            Y                  88                2.54.25          6                Robyn Fargher



Melanie Wyse                         Col               Y                  NQ               2.23.59                            Robyn Fargher                                                  ZE

Robin Gemmill                        Col               Y                  NQ               2.27.66                            Robyn Fargher                                                  ZE



Rebecca Conole                     Priceless     y                   97                1.27.38          1                Robyn Fargher                                                  HF

Heather Fraser                       Yogi             y                   92                1.57.31          2                Robyn Fargher



Donna Garrity                         Mack RN ZN                   Y                   100                 1.32.63    1                                                  Robyn Fargher               HN 1

Rhonda Campbell                  Asti              Y                  100              1.37.90          2                Robyn Fargher                                                  HN 1

Liz Barlow                                Dixie            Y                  100              1.43.22          3                Robyn Fargher                                                  HN 1

Nicky Detheridge-Davies      Rufus           Y                  100              1.50.47          4                Robyn Fargher                                                  HN 1

Lynne Birkett                          Bolly            Y                  90                2.01.12          5                Robyn Fargher                                                  HN 1

Beverley Thomson                 Khon            Y                  85                2.00.81          6                Robyn Fargher                                                  HN 1

Beverley Thomson                 TeRe            Y                  NQ               2.15.75          7                Robyn Fargher

                                                  HN 1


Nicky Detheridge-Davies      Rufus           Y                  96                2.13.47          1                Robyn Fargher                                                  HA

Rebecca Conole                     Blondie       Y                  86                1.52.91          2                Robyn Fargher                                                  HA

Liz Barlow           Dixie      Y             NQ         2.14.49 3             Robyn Fargher


EXPO was held on July 18 & 19 at the wonderful evenue RDA, Feilding.

Photos - For  photos including prizegivings,. see Photo Gallery .


Rally Foundation 1                     Sheelah Stevens          

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:01:23

Lynne Birkettt                             Bolly                   100      00:01:39

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               100      00:01:45

Mary Browne                              Monty                99        00:01:59

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  97        00:01:41

Heather Read                              Brioche              91        00:01:37

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   90        00:01:39

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     87        00:01:34

Linda Guinness                            Jager                  76        00:01:51

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                    76        00:03:00


Rally Novice 1                            Sheelah Stevens        

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 100      00:01:34

Lynne Birkettt                             Bolly                   100      00:01:37

Mary Browne                              Monty                100      00:01:55

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               100      00:01:56

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     99        00:01:25

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     99        00:02:01

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 98        00:01:57

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              97        00:01:46

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  97        00:02:05

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   96        00:01:48

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           96        00:02:18

Heather Read                              Brioche              91        00:02:03

Clare Grattan                              Vince                  89        00:01:57

Beverley Thomson                     Khon                  88        00:01:53

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     87        00:02:11

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  86        00:02:28

Jill Anderson                                Kiri                      80        00:01:35

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                                 NQ

Beverley Thomson                     TeRe                               NQ


Rally Advanced 1                      Beverley Thomson    

Sheelah Stevens                         Pepsi                  99        00:01:44

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                   98        00:01:57

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    97        00:02:29

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                    94        00:01:44

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie              80        00:02:13

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                                NQ

Donna Garrity                             Mack                               NQ


Rally Excellent 1                         Beverley Thomson    

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      100      00:01:56

Ann McSweeney                         Katy                    95        00:01:59

Ann McSweeney                         Holly                  95        00:02:22

Sheelah Stevens                         Pepsi                  90        00:02:09

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    87        00:03:05


Zoom Foundation 1                  Linda Guinness           

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     100      00:01:26

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:01:41

Lynne Birkettt                             Bolly                   99        00:01:41

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               99        00:01:51

Mary Browne                              Monty                96        00:02:20

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  86       

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                                 NQ

Heather Read                              Brioche                           NQ


Zoom Novice 1                          Linda Guinness           

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               100      00:01:56

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     98        00:01:43

Mary Browne                              Monty                98        00:01:57

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     97        00:01:26

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  97        00:01:29

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   97        00:01:36

Karen de Wit                               Dee                    96        00:01:23

Jill Anderson                                Kiri                      96        00:01:36

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           96        00:01:40

Lynne Birkettt                             Bolly                   96        00:01:41

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  95        00:01:48

Clare Grattan                              Vince                  95        00:01:51

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     95        00:01:55

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 91        00:02:03

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              90        00:01:38

Beverley Thomson                     TeRe                  90        00:01:48

Beverley Thomson                     Khon                  88        00:01:47

Linda Guinness                            Jager                  85        00:01:34

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                    79        00:02:10

Karen de Wit                               Finn                                 NQ

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                              NQ

Heather Read                              Brioche                           NQ


Zoom Advanced 1                    Ann McSweeney       

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                    98        00:01:48

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    98        00:02:28

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                   95        00:01:53

Sheelah Stevens                         Pepsi                  92        00:01:50

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 90        00:02:11

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie              87        00:01:59

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  84        00:02:31


Zoom Excellent 1                       Ann McSweeney       

Ann McSweeney                         Katy                    100      00:02:00

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      100      00:02:01

Ann McSweeney                         Holly                  98        00:02:13

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    98        00:02:44

Sheelah Stevens                         Pepsi                  92        00:02:34


Handy Dog Foundation 1        Karen de Wit               

Lynne Birkettt                             Bolly                   98        00:01:33

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   98        00:01:43

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               98        00:01:44

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              96        00:01:35

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     96        00:01:36

Mary Browne                              Monty                96        00:01:51

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                    95        00:01:36

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   95        00:01:38

Heather Read                              Brioche              94        00:01:19

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  91        00:02:07

Linda Guinness                            Jager                               NQ


Handy Dog Novice 1                 Karen de Wit               

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:01:31

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      100      00:01:38

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           99        00:01:40

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   99        00:01:40

Libby Clout                                  Lahja                  98        00:01:45

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 96        00:01:40

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 96        00:01:45

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               96        00:01:48

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     95        00:01:57

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  94        00:01:42

Mary Browne                              Monty                94        00:02:00

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                    93        00:01:31

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     93        00:01:59

Clare Grattan                              Vince                  93        00:02:08

Jill Anderson                                Kiri                      85        00:02:25

Kate Parkinson                            Bliss                                 NQ

Beverley Thomson                     Khon                               NQ

Beverley Thomson                     TeRe                               NQ

Heather Read                              Brioche                           NQ


Handy Dog Advanced 1           Karen de Wit               

Ann McSweeney                         Katy                    95        00:02:12

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    95        00:03:14

Sheelah Stevens                         Pepsi                  85        00:01:55

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                   84        00:02:10

Ann McSweeney                         Holly                  84        00:02:45

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      75        00:02:44

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie                           NQ




Rally Foundation 2                    Rebecca Conole         

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:01:37

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               99        00:01:56

Mary Browne                              Monty                99        00:02:00

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     97        00:01:21

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   95        00:01:32


Rally Novice 2                            Robyn Fargher            

Glen Armitage                             Buddy                100      00:01:10

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     100      00:01:15

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 100      00:01:20

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 100      00:01:26

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:01:31

Clare Grattan                              Vince                  100      00:01:32

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           99        00:01:25

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               99        00:01:55

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     97        00:01:45

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     97        00:01:52

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  96        00:01:35

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   95        00:01:52

Mary Browne                              Monty                             NQ


Rally Advanced 2                      Robyn Fargher            

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   100      00:02:15

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    97        00:02:45

Joan Gibbs                                   Bailey                 95        00:02:10

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                                 NQ

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                                NQ

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie                           nq


Rally Excellent 2                         Robyn Fargher            

Ann McSweeney                         Katy                    100      00:02:06

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      100      00:02:15

Ann McSweeney                         Holly                  99        00:02:45

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    98        00:03:00


Zoom Foundation 2                  Donna Garrity             

Mary Browne                              Monty                100      00:01:40

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               99        00:01:35

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   98        00:01:23

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     97        00:01:19

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              97        00:01:37


Zoom Novice 2                          Linda Guinness           

Glen Armitage                             Buddy                100      00:01:40

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     100      00:01:41

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   100      00:01:54

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 100      00:01:54

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           100      00:01:55

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              100      00:02:07

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               100      00:02:23

Donna Garrity                             Mack                  99        00:01:49

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 99        00:01:59

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     99        00:02:32

Joan Gibbs                                   Bonnie               94        00:03:57

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     87        00:02:31

Mary Browne                              Monty                80        00:02:55

Clare Grattan                              Vince                               NQ


Zoom Advanced 2                    Linda Guinness           

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                   98        00:02:08

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                    91        00:02:23

Joan Gibbs                                   Bailey                 90        00:02:25

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie              87        00:02:11

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 86        00:02:36

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    80        00:02:43

Donna Garrity                             Mack                               NQ


Zoom Excellent 2                       Linda Guinness           

Ann McSweeney                         Katy                    100      00:02:19

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      99        00:02:24

Ann McSweeney                         Holly                  99        00:02:30

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    99        00:03:12


Handy Dog Foundation 2        Beverley Thomson    

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   100      00:01:02

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     99        00:00:54

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               99        00:01:11

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              98        00:00:54

Mary Browne                              Monty                93        00:01:40

Penny Bushell                              Tank                   90        00:00:57


Handy Dog Novice 2                 Beverley Thomson    

Emma Speeden                           Henry                 100      00:01:13

Fiona Richmond                         Luca                   100      00:01:16

Brenda Cuming                           Breeze               100      00:01:34

Nicky Detheridge-Davies          Rufus                 99        00:01:14

Emma Speeden                           Zoe                     99        00:01:34

Penny Bushell                              Dakoda              98        00:01:13

Rhonda Campbell                       Asti                     98        00:01:20

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      97        00:01:21

Mary Browne                              Monty                97        00:01:52

Clare Grattan                              Vince                  96        00:01:40

Glen Armitage                             Buddy                91        00:01:01

Emma Speeden                           Bull                     90        00:02:06

Emma Speeden                           Charcoal           87        00:01:44

Melanie Wyse                             Jess                    82        00:01:17


Handy Dog Advanced 2           Ann McSweeney       

Jenny Purdom                             Kyla                    87        00:02:56

Robin Gemmill                            Col                      77        00:02:19

Melanie Wyse                             Toby                                NQ

Rebecca Conole                         Blondie                           NQ

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - ELECTION, Financial report, Minutes.

Election of Executive and Committee:

President   Linda Guinness  

Vice President  Ann McSweeney  

Secretary    Robyn Fargher (minutes etc)

Treasurer   Karen de Wit  

Competition Manager Karen de Wit  

Committee  Beverley Thomson  Rachel Rae, Robin Gemmell, Penny Bushell, Jenny Purdom

Financial report



Click here to view the notice of the AGM  and request for nominations for committee. The AGM  will be held on Saturday 18th July at conclusion of events.

Feilding's limited RallyO Trial - By Linda Guiness.

Great! Wind’s not too bad and no rain yet ... shaping up for a good limited rally trial. ... Finished setting up the two courses (Zoom and Standard Foundation and Novice) and  back inside to take entries. ... Goodness! Thirty entries (just from our own club). Looks like we’re in for a long night.


Zoom first - wow! Haven’t I done well ... these guys are all so good. Almost everyone qualified. I guess turning up Tuesday night after Tuesday night has not been in vain.  Everyone’s obviously been  training hard and the dogs are all enjoying their work - no slow times, the only hiccups were dogs who were too keen, grabbing their leads and playing in the middle of the course - much rather see that than bored, nervous dogs who would rather be somewhere else.


Lessons learned - next time I will either stick to one type (Standard, Zoom or Handy) or rope in a second judge. Just not enough time on a club night to get everyone through and tally up - I am tallying up in the weekend and we will kick off next week’s training with presentations.


All in all - I love the idea of limited trials. The dogs were all much more relaxed in their normal training environment and the handlers were too - this was reflected in the performances and results.

Hastings rallyO group, event May 9th

Check out the Flyer. 

Masters Games 2015

by Ann McSweeney.

The NZ Masters Games are held in January/February each year, alternating between Wanganui (2015) and Dunedin (2016) and Wanganui again in 2017.

This year in Wanganui more than 55 sports were represented, including a full weekend of “Dog Handling” events on Saturday/Sunday 7-8 February. The official Games Village was located in Springvale Park in the centre of Wanganui, where there were various stalls (games clothing etc), and a café. The opening and closing ceremonies, and the evening entertainment programmes, were also held there. Many of the sports events were hosted by local clubs: dog handling events were organised by Wanganui Dog Training Club at the club grounds at Otamatea Reserve.

Saturday’s programme comprised Agility, Obedience, and Rally Zoom, and on Sunday there was Cross Country (agility), Rally Handy Dog and Rally Secret Challenge. Both Rally Zoom and Handy Dog were run as NZARO qualifying events.

The Zoom courses were judged by Linda Guinness: Masters Games medals were awarded for two age groups (35+ and 55+) in each of Foundation, Novice and Advanced; and NZARO certificates and ribbons were awarded for these classes and also for Excellent.

Handy Dog on Sunday was judged by Linda Guinness: again split into two age groups each for Foundation, Novice and Advanced, for awards of Masters Games medals and NZARO certificates and ribbons.

The Secret Challenge was judged by Ann McSweeney. Ann reports: “The Secret Challenge was run as a single class and in one age group only (35+). Handlers were able to work on- or off-lead. The ‘secret’ of the title warned entrants that there would be some unexpected and unofficial exercises. This was a fun course, designed to challenge handlers/dogs from both obedience and agility backgrounds by introducing a twist to regular exercises.

“The course consisted of 15 stations, 9 of these (mostly change of direction signs) were standard NZARO exercises. The ‘secret’ signs were: Dog to put front feet on a block and handler to walk around (not many dogs had been taught this, but most managed fairly well); a Tunnel, constructed using jump gates rather than a regular tunnel – see photo (some of the bigger dogs tried to jump out sideways instead of running through); Handler walks plank, dog stays at heel (this required good control, as most of the dogs were very keen to get on the plank too); Recall with handler sitting on chair (most managed this well); Dog to pick up ball and put it into bucket (two dogs did this perfectly, the others required some handler assistance); Dog walks through hoop (large and small hula hoops were used depending on size of dog – exercise handled well by all). The handlers seemed to enjoy the course, the dogs learned some new tricks, and the spectators were well entertained - well done to everyone who gave it a go.”

In 2017 when the Games return to Wanganui, we hope to be able to offer (standard) Rally, Zoom and Handy Dog in all classes. Information will be posted on this website when the programme has been confirmed. Information about the Masters Games can also be found on

Following are the results of the Rally events.

Rally Zoom: results to come

Rally Handy Dog: results to come

Rally Secret Challenge

Kathryn Snook and Viper, 100 points, time 2.11.93

Kathryn Snook and Izzy, 97 points, time 2.21.44

Liz Barlow and Dixie, 97 points, time 2.44.33

Clare Grattan and Vince, 96 points, time 2.42.50

Cynthia Muir and Eva, 95 points, time 2.44.35

Linda Manning and Zoe, 94 points, time 2.36.35

Jane O’Callaghan and Ruku, 94 points, time 2.55.38

Jane O’Callaghan and Mono, 92 points, time 2.51.79

Sonia Calvert and Sputnik, 92 points, time 2.53.80

Graeme Hearfield and Tui, 85 points, time 2.50.04

Liz Rosewarne and Mojo, 74 points, time 4.45.22

Rotorua Limited rally trial

Wairarapa DTC Event 29th November.

CADS RallyO event, 11th October

For the flyer, and on the day entries




The NZARO Rally event held by Central Allbreeds Dog Sports at Holloway Road went off well with the weather being kinder than in years past and very few hiccups behind the scenes – even keeping to the pre-planned time schedule! We all also appreciated the lovely chocolate cake and bubbles supplied to celebrate the opening of a real toilet in the clubrooms – at least 5 years since the last flush was made at the  dirty little building previously used and which still stands derelict out in the carpark.


Thanks to Angela Cintra for taking on Show Secretary so making things easier both before and on the day, to our judges – Mike Butler, Sheelah Stevens and Beverley Thomson and to the folks who all pitched in– especially those who stayed to pack up at the end. It was some very tired and sunburnt faces that headed home!


A special thanks to Jo Moore – Photographer who stayed for much of the day to get photos of both action and awards. We should have the link for these posted soon and would encourage those attending to look and maybe even buy one or two.  


Now that the Club has a toilet we can look forward to more events and activities up at the grounds. See you all next year!


THANKYOU - a big thankyou to Liz Barlow who has donated the profit from the RallyO t-shirts to NZARO = thankyou LIZ!!

August 2014 News

New titlists.

Congratulations to...

Robin Gemmill and Col = Rally Advanced and Zoom Advanced

Ann McSweeney and Holly = Handy dog Advanced

Ann McSweeney and Katy = Rally Excellent

Heather Mitchell and Mica = Zoom Novice and Rally Foundation

Karen de Wit & Quick = Zoom Novice 

Donna Garrity and Mack = Rally Foundation

Anyone else? Have you added up your certificates and made an application?


The EXPO is on again!

We will be indoors again at the Feilding RDA = a magnificent venue!!

Do you judge LINK Rally? Would you like to gain more confidence judging? We will be giving people the opportunity to gain experience by spending time in the ring with one of our judges. If you are interested please contact Ann McSweeney Email: [email protected]

We will be sharing Pizza (Hells Pizza) on Saturday night = a sheet will be available for you to fill in on the day.

Download the  flyer.

Download the schedule of events for each day. 

Become an NZARO member.

NZARO AGM,. Saturday 5th July at 7pm

The AGM of 2014 has elected a similar committee to last year. The minutes from the AGM are available for download. See "Who we are"for committee details.


NZARO is holding its AGM at 7pm on the 5th of July.
Location 3 Makino Road Feilding.

Can I please have nominations, with seconder for executive urgently.
If any one has remits they wish to present please send these ASAP as well.
I am waiting for the balance sheet back from the reviewer, will dispatch as soon as I get it, hopefully with the list of candidates and any remits.

I am looking to stand down as Secretary/Treasurer this year.
As some of you may be aware I have spinal issues that require a series of medical interventions.
My health is not good and will not improve untill after the operations.

Am happy to assist whoever takes on the role or to carry on untill a replacement is found., but be aware I will be slow in actioning items as I am in and out of hospital.

See you all on the 5th of July.


June 2014

Rotorua enthusiasts held a Limited rally trial in June.



NZARO event , May 10th at Meeanee, Hawkes bay.

by Robyn Fargher

Great day of RallyO at Meeanee today. The weather was perfect and there were some very nice runs. Leo was nutty in Zoom Advanced and yet again Gypsy was on 99 points in RallyO Advanced. That elusive 100 point run for he RA title still eludes us. However, she did a great Zoom advanced so that is her ZA title. All finished nice and early, so now I just have to design my courses for tomorrow. Great helpers made the day run very well. Hopefully we have gained some more enthusiastic converts.

Results to come.

RESULTS from May 2014 - Hastings RallyO Group.

Click here to download.

NZARO event, Rotorua  -March 2014

It was a shame about Cyclone luci, as the entries were pretty light. Ann says "I‘m sure the horrible weather forecast kept visitors away, but in fact we had a very pleasant morning with only occasional misty rain, warm, and no wind to speak of."


Rotorua Rally-O Group                                                                                              

NZARO qualifying event - 15 March 2014                                                             



Class          Judge                               Handler & Dog                     Points     Place     NZARO


RF              Ann McSweeney          Prue Church & Sirius           89            1            No

RF              Ann McSweeney          Mary Browne & Monty      NQ                        Y


RN             Ann McSweeney          Clare Grattan & Vincent    98            1            Y

RN             Ann McSweeney          Clare Grattan & Coal          90            2            y

RN             Ann McSweeney          Anne Jaquiery & Milo         87                          Y

RN             Ann McSweeney          Prue Church & Sirius           85                          No


RA              Des Richards                  Stephanie Poor & Meg      89            1            Y

RA              Des Richards                  Ann McSweeney & Katy    NQ                        Y

RA              Des Richards                  Julie Cowell & Penny          NQ                        Y


RE              Des Richards                  Ann McSweeney & Holly   100         1            Y


ZF               Stephanie Poor             Clare Grattan & Coal          96            1            Y

ZF               Stephanie Poor             Anne Jaquiery & Milo         95            2            Y

ZF               Stephanie Poor             Mary Browne & Monty      91                          Y

ZF               Stephanie Poor             Clare Grattan & Vincent    NQ                       


ZN              Stephanie Poor             Clare Grattan & Vincent    99            1            Y

ZN              Stephanie Poor             Clare Grattan & Coal          99            2            Y

ZN              Stephanie Poor             Anne Jaquiery & Milo         96                          Y


ZA              Des Richards                  Julie Cowell & Penny          NQ                       


ZE              Des Richards                  Ann McSweeney & Holly   98            1            Y

ZE              Des Richards                  Ann McSweeney & Katy    98            2            Y


HDF           Stephanie Poor             Mary Browne & Monty      89            1            Y


HDN          Des Richards                  Julie Cowell & Penny          92            1            Y

HDN          Des Richards                  Stephanie Poor & Meg      84            2            Y


HDA           Des Richards                  Ann McSweeney & Holly   96            1            Y


                                                             Total 24 entries                                                

NZARO event at Upper Hutt 18-1-2014

Thankyou to all the people who came - we had a great turnout for our first ever upper Hutt event!!

The event started off a little chilly but soon warmed up to a very nice sunny day! The courses and competition were pretty hot too!! Also hot were Liz Barlow and Karen de Wit who organised the event, a first in Upper Hutt - thankyou to them!! The opportunity to enter before the day and to use our new on-line entry system was taken advantage of by a few. Liz also used a computer and printer on the day to do the entries and print off the certificates which was great - no doubt Liz will let us know how that went.

 Liz comments...

As we were only a two woman operation I thought that we might be able to streamline things for the show by using the computer and my printer to make sure qualifying certificates were ready for signing quickly and competitors could know how they did nearly as soon as their class was over.  I set up three MS Excel spreadsheets, one for each rally type, with a separate sheet for each level. Boy was I glad that I set up the print view ahead of time, that was a level of fiddling I couldn’t have faced on the day J It was enough of a mission to sort all the results in the right order.

 I also set up a word document that I could mail merge the results into and I could create all of the certs with the click of a button (or three because MS mail merge isn’t quite that clever!).  I certainly was able to get the certificates out much faster. It was much easier to do this when I was printing the whole thing onto a blank piece of card than preprinted card. Competitors liked the results sheets, and it meant my data entry errors were caught quickly too. Most of my frustration actually came from the software for running my personal printer – I couldn’t select which pages to print – I could only print all pages of my merge document or the current page I had selected – very frustrating for printing qualifying and merit certs for the same class.

 If I did it again I would:

·        run it all from one big spreadsheet with filters for the results sheet and mail merge (for one class I accidentally entered the data on the wrong sheet and copying and pasting ensued!)

·        have more helpers – I made mistakes when I was interrupted for different things like catering, toilet paper, courses….

·        Have more paperweights, curse you Wellington wind!!

·        Definitely print all certs on plain card.

 It was hard work, but it was fun. We got an amazing turn out – we had 20 dogs in Handy Novice! We had 32 dogs competing with 21 handlers.


Handy dog Foundation - Karen de Wit.

1Angela CintraAsha9964.60
2Jane O'CallaghanMono9966.29
3Gillian  Cruickshank                       Sky9683.13
4Cath DillonSparky9573.48
5Jo SearleMaxine9580.52
6Donna GarrityMack9379.60
7Helen CarterTessanq 



 Handy Dog - Novice - Jane O'Callaghan


1Gillian CruickshankCameo99142.63
2Cath DillonZing9895.04
3Karen de WitDee 9798.749
4Liz BarlowDougal97134.00
5Wayne TurnerStacey96135.01
6Sonia CalvertSputnik96104.42
7Jenny PurdomKyla96136.39
8Rebecca ConoleBlondie95120.43
9Vivienne LewisRamble95121.21
10Cath DillonRose94135.19
11Mike ButlerToby94105.94
12Melanie WyseJess93104.93
13Kim PaiceBeau93no time
14Jo SearleMaxine93140.97
15Helen CarterDart91122.66
16Sonia CalvertToto88148.21
17Wayne TurnerZeba85153.62
18Jenny PurdomFlynn74155.32
19Robin GemmillCol0128.36
20Kim PaiceDeefa0





Handy Dog Advanced - Mike Butler.


1Jan VossPippa99122.17
2Liz BarlowDougal93141.16
3Jenny PurdomFlynn90178.72
4Jane O'CallaghanRukuNQ



 Zoom Foundation - Karen de Wit.


1Cath DillonSparky10063.95
2Gillian CruickshankCameo10096.38
3Angela CintraAsha9975.41
4Gillian CruickshankSky9981.00
5Jane O'CallaghanMono9861.91
6Mike ButlerToby9476.25
7Anne PackerMiley9395.80
8Jo SearleMaxine9196.17
9Donna GarrityMack0 
10Helen CarterTess0 



Zoom Novice - Jane O'Callaghan


1Jenny PurdomFlynn100127.55
2Wayne TurnerZeba100136.44
3Jenny PurdomKyla100147.98
4Karen de WitDee 9991.77
5Mike ButlerIdol99 
6Jo SearleMaxine97 
7Vivienne LewisRamble96117.69
8Kim PaiceBeau87119.96
9Kim PaiceDeefa86120.63
10Wayne TurnerStacey0 
10Liz BarlowDougal0




 Zoom Advanced - Jan Voss


1Robin GemmillCol100165.03
2Jenny PurdomFlynn97182.39
3Cath DillonZing96157.83
4Jane O'CallaghanRuku94145.53
5Cath DillonRose88150.01
6Melanie WyseToby86 
7Rebecca ConoleBlondie85160.37
8Melanie WyseJess80 
9Helen CarterDart75 
10Jenny PurdomKyla0 
11Liz BarlowDougal0




 Rally Std - Foundation - Jan Voss.


1Gillian CruickshankSky10072.91
2Angela CintraToulouse99122.12
3Donna GarrityMack9676.22
4Johanna MennellRuby9686.41
5Helen CarterTessa9582.49
6Jo SearleMaxine9584.31
7Jane O'CallaghanMono9376.00
8Mike ButlerToby91109.24
9Anne PackerMileyNQ 




Rally Std - Novice - Jan Voss.


1Karen De WitDee9979.29
2Rebecca ConoleBlondie98105.86
3Melanie WyseJess97114.21
4Jenny PurdomKyla97115.95
5Mike ButlerIdol97No time
6Liz BarlowDougal 95121.93
7Helen CarterDart93100.42
8Sonia CalvertToto91115.53
9Angela CintraAsha89No time
10Wayne TurnerZeba85126.45
11Johanna MennellRuby83110.71
12Wayne TurnerStaceyNQ 
13Vivienne LewisRambleNQ 
14Jo SearleMaxineNQ-




 Rally Std - Advanced - Mike Butler


1Jan VossPippa100115.14
2Jenny PurdomFlynn98175.55
3Robin Gemmill Col97142.61
4Jane O'CallghanRuku96132.69
5Gillian CruikshankCameo95158.50
6Melanie WyseToby95165.08
7Cath DillonZing90111.34
10Jenny PurdomKyla80 
8Kim PaiceBeau0 
9Helen CarterDart0 



 Rally std - Excellent - Mike Butler.


1Sonia CalvertSputnik94170.51
2Jan VossPippa0 
3Jenny PurdomFlynn0 










Central allbreeds dog sports


Thanks to all competitors and helpers at the Rally-O Qualifying Event held on Saturday 12th of October.  Congratulations to the class winners, the full results are as follows,

Club: CADS

Rally Class: Zoom (Foundation)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Linda Guinness








Angela Cintra





Jane O'Callaghan





Gillian Cruickshank





Gillian Cruickshank





Jo Searle





Mike Butler





Sonia Calvert





Arti Chand





Angela Cintra





Johanna Mennel





Lora Peacock





Lora Peacock




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Zoom (Novice)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Linda Guinness








Catherine Dillon





Catherine Dillon





Liz Barlow





Kim Paice





Jo Searle





Vivienne Lewis





Kim Paice





Mike Butler




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Zoom (Advanced)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Linda Guinness








Lloyd Pallesen





Liz Barlow





Catherine Dillon





Jenny Purdom





Jenny Purdom





Jane O'Callaghan




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Handy Dog (Foundation)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Mike Butler








Angela Cintra










Jane O'Callaghan





Jonathan Woodhouse





Annie Thorne




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Handy Dog (Novice)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Mike Butler








Jenny Purdom





Jane O'Callaghan





Kim Paice





Vivienne Lewis





Sonia Calvert





Liz Barlow





Kim Paice





Jenny Purdom




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Handy Dog (Advanced)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Mike Butler








Jenny Purdom





Club: CADS

Rally Class: Standard (Foundation)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Karen De Wit








Angela Cintra





Jane O’Callaghan





Angela Cintra





Lizzie Guillard





Annie Thorne





Arti Chand





Johanna Mennell





Gillian Cruickshank





Mike Butler





Jo Searle





Tricia Sloan





Ruth Whittle





Jonathan Woodhouse





Club: CADS

Rally Class: Standard (Novice)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Karen De Wit








Gillian Cruickshank





Jenny Purdom





Mike Butler





Catherine Dillon





Kim Paice





Vivienne Lewis





Jo Searle





Arti Chand





Liz Barlow





Club: CADS

Rally Class: Standard (Advanced)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Karen De Wit








Jenny Purdom





Lloyd Pallesen





Linda Guinness





Catherine Dillon





Kim Paice





Kim Paice





Sonia Calvert





Jane O'Callaghan





Jenny Purdom




Club: CADS

Rally Class: Standard (Excellence)

Date: 12/10/13

Judge: Karen De Wit








Jenny Purdom




Hastings results September 2013

NZARO Rally EXPO - 3rd & 4th August 2013

The expo was held at the indoor venue of RDA in Feilding on  3rd and 4th of August 2013.
It was a fantastic venue as some of the attached photos will show.
A very full program of events and related activities was held with Catering available both days.

Thanks to the organisers and especially to Des.
Rally Foundation - event 1
  1. Angela Cintra & Asha  98/116.72
  2. Nicky Davies & Rufus 97/136.06
  3. Arti & Scruffy 94/136.19
  4. Jacky carbin & Ember 94/236.41

Rally Novice - Ann McSweeney

  1. Barbara James & Shayla 100/139.07
  2. Rebecca Conole & Blondie 99/137
  3. Bobby Dickerson & Sikia 99/207.36
  4. Jenny Purdom & Kyla 99/214.44
  5. Melanie Wyse & Jess 98/155.19
  6. Rachael Rae & Yellow 98/224.91
  7. Christine Robertson & Harley 95/151.16
  8. Julie Connell & Penny 94/221.53
  9. Liz Barlow & Polly 89/247.45
  10. Nicky Davies & Rufus 88/202.09
  11. John Carbin & Lusi 85/225.28
  12. Liz Barlow & Dougal 84/201.75
  13. Lynette Hughes & Bonnie 82/314.53
  14. Barbara James & Jordy 80/134.66
  15. Viv Lewis & Ramble 77/306.25

Rally Advanced - Robyn Fargher.

  1. Barbara James & Shaylar 100/154.78
  2. Bobby Dickerson & Armani 100/218.19
  3. Jenny Purdom & Flynn 100/227.72
  4. Robin Gemmell & Coal 99/212.44
  5. Barbara James & Jordy 98/206.44
  6. Lorraine Lennox & Veesa 96/150.22
  7. Ann McSweeney & Katy 95/219.06
  8. Lorraine Lennox & Jontsee 90/155.65
  9. Sheelah Stevens & Pepsi 87/203.65
  10. Lynette Hughes & Bonnie 84/422.37

Rally Excellent

  1. Jan Voss & Pippa 99/220.65
  2. Ann McSweeney & Holly 98/245.93
  3. Lynda Cummins & Chloe 94/213.44

Handy dog - foundation

  1. Angela Cintra & Asha 97/136.31
  2. Nicky Davies & Rufus 91/208.31
  3. Sheelah Stevens and Finn 90/138.40
  4. Bev Thompson & Tefe 88/156.22
  5. Donna Garriby & Mac 81/252.55

Handy dog - Novice

  1. Jan Voss & Pippa 100/125.87
  2. Sheelah Stevens & Pepsi 96/122.63
  3. Robin Gemmell & Coal 96/132.00
  4. Des Richards & Scooby 96/212.78
  5. Liz Barlow & Dougal 94/144.22
  6. Melanie Wyse & Toby 94/145.16
  7. Rebecca Conole & Blondie 93/131.47
  8. Stephanie Richards & Meggy 92/242.59
  9. Jenny Purdom & Kyla 90/201.89
  10. Liz Barlow & Polly 89/NT

Handy dog - Advanced

  1. Lynda Cummins & Chloe 98/133.44
  2. Robyn Fargher & Gypsy 95/223.00
  3. Robyn Fargher & Leo 95/230.88
  4. Jenny Purdom & Flynn 82/202.41 


The AGM was held in Feilding on June 22nd. The minutes can be read here.

Feilding RallyO,  Saturday 22nd June 2013

A BIG Thankyou to the judges and the other helpers. The weather forecast was not too good and came at the end of a terrible week of weather for much of NZ.

The AGM was also held at Feilding.

Some comments from the competitors...

Jenny Purdom says, "A big thank you to Feilding for running NZARO today with all classes on offer.

Really pleased with my dogs considering the horrible wet weather and muddy soupy stuff on different parts of the courses."

Liz Barlow was also there and was thrilled with her results. "Surprisingly good turn out considering the weather."

Rebecca Holland and Aero also took part. What a day it was " playing Rally-O in Feilding! Gosh it was very wet and muddy but Wow what a blast Aero and I had for our first time back in the ring Since January!!  Poor Aero however in the final... class was not keen on laying or sitting down in the mud bless her lol i so don't blame her I wouldn't have wanted to either. Thanks Fielding for all your hard work especially in such dreadful weather."



Feilding RallyO, Saturday 22nd June 2013 - results.

Rally Foundation

Judge - Stephanie Richards
Rachel RaeYellow100150.62
Christine RobertsonHoney100203.28
Amber GorinskiHades96224.25
Rebecca ConoleBlondie90145.4
Rally NoviceJudge - Stephanie Richards
Becks HollandAero100152.87
Noeline WagenerDiva96251.22
Jenny PurdomKyla88236.35
Jenny PurdomFlynn86235.28
Emma BlackmoreMisha75256.75
Rally AdvancedJudge - Des Richards
Amber GorinskiGaea90281.05
Becks HollandAero89133.18
Jenny PurdomFlynn72229.33
Rally ExcellentJudge - Des Richards
Elsie MarriottFat Albert90156.35
Jan VossPippa89174.6
Zoom FoundationJudge - Stephanie Richards
Emma BlackmoreChevy96134.56
Emma BlackmoreRobert96150.37
Rachel RaeEdwina95212.22
Amber GorinskiHades90157.03
Zoom NoviceJudge - Stephanie Richards
Becks HollandAero100128.16
Emma BlackmoreMisha97149.69
Christine RobertsonHarley97154.75
Noeline WagenerDiva97202.18
Jenny PurdomFlynn97207.31
Liz BarlowDixie93236.25
Jenny PurdomKyla96203.14
Rachel RaeYellow96209.69
Rachel RaeLouie91300.38
Amber GorinskiGaea90153.62
Emma BlackmoreCobby86157.35
Rebecca ConoleBlondie87149.22
Liz BarlowPolly83230.44
Zoom AdvancedJudge - Des Richards
Jan VossPippa100178
Robyn FargherLeo98174.67
Robyn FargherGypsy97174.88
Rachel RaeLucy94158
Jenny PurdomFlynn85127.22
Zoom ExcellentJudge - Des Richards
Elsie MarriottFat Albert100131
Handy Dog FoundationJudge - Linda Guinness
Rebecca ConoleBlondie94
Handy Dog NoviceJudge - Linda Guinness
Elsie MarriottFat Albert100
Jan VossPippa100
Becks HollandAero99
Liz BarlowDougal99
Jenny PurdomFlynn98
Liz BarlowHolly96
Christine RobertsonHarley95
Liz BarlowDixie92
Jenny PurdomKyla89
Handy Dog AdvancedJudge - Linda Guinness
Robyn FargherLeo94
Robyn FargherGypsy85
Rachel RaeLucy


Milestone patches

We now have 10-20 and 30 patches available for purchase.

Go to the Forms page for details on how to get one!!

Masters games, February 2013

New titles from this event were gained by:-

Ann McSweeney and Holly = Zoom Advanced title with 100 points!

They also earned their Novice Handy dog title.

Well done!


Thanks to Margaret Marshall for judging and Des Richards for organising.

CADS November 2012

RallyO Foundation - Mike Butler.

  1. Jo Searle & Naya 98/144.18
  2. Jenny Purdom & Kyla 96/204.42
  3. Gillian Cruickshank & Cameo 94/151.06
  4. Lara Peacock & Lacy 87/209.20

 RallyO Novice - Mike Butler.

  1. Terry Lomax & Kaahu 98/158.03
  2. Gillian Cruickshank & Cameo 98/205.57
  3. Jo Searle & Naya 97/200.04
  4. Terry Lomax & Tamzin 95/325.52
  5. Vivienne Lewis & Ramble 94/158.09
  6. Terry Lomax & Manu 83

Advanced rally O - Jan Voss

  1. Jane OCallaghan & Ruku 96/154.566
  2. Terry Lomax & Levi 87/225.864
  3. Jenny Purdom & Flynn 79/268.167

 Zoom Foundation - Mike Butler.

  1. Gillian Cruickshank & Cameo  99/141.30
  2. Jenny Purdom & Kyla 98/154.42
  3. Jo Searle & Naya 96/156.87
  4. Lara Peacock & Lacey 87/216.95
  5. Emma Aitken & Monty 84/214.68

Zoom Novice - Mike Butler.

  1. Terri Lomax & Kahu 100/143.26
  2. Terri Lomax & Levi 100/157.13
  3. Terri Lomax & Tamsyn 97/157.62
  4. Vivienne Lewis & Ramble 97/230
  5. Jo Searle & Naya 93/222.45
  6. Terri Lomax & Manu 90/200.80
  7. Gillian Cruickshank & Cameo 87/256.54

Zoom Advanced - Jane OCallaghan.

  1. Jan Voss & Pippa 100/98.217
  2. Jenny Purdom & Flynn 87/118.59
  3. Liz Barlow & Dougal 86/277.441


Otaki K9s Rally results, December 29th 2012

What a wonderful day Noeline and her friends put on for us! A huge downpour the night before meant that the grounds were a bit soggy to start with, but the weather behaved all day and was very warm with the occassional burst of sunshine too!

On offer was Zoom, Rally and Handy dog - judges Linda Guiness, Jan Voss and Karen de Wit.

Great food as always and some very nice courses, lots of variety!!

One highlight was the gaining of a final 100 points by Elsie Marriot and Fat Albert which gave them the Zoom Excellent title - the first one to do so!!! They were given a very nice wetting to help mark the occasion.

We ran our first ever Handy dog Advanced class, with Lynda Cummins and Chloe gaining 97 points.

A number of people gained their final certificate over 90, giving them a new title for 2012 - check your certificates people and count them up and make sure you are financial!! Then send in an application form, which you can find on the AWARDS page.

The Handy dog course(s) can be viewed here.

Full list of results can be viewed here.

A meeting followed in conjunction with a fish and chip tea to discuss judging the handy dog signs and was well attended.

Hastings RallyO Group September 8 & 9 2012


Hastings RallyO Group
HandlerDog's NameTimeFinal scoreplace
Robyn FargherClass: RallyO Foundation
Lex ClareEcho71.933991
Lynne de SeymourKior982
Jacky CarbinEmber60.49897
Beverley ThomsonKhon85.49697
Lynne de SeymourWalter97
Julie MurrellTed101.17790
Beverley ThomsonBroigeNQ
Beverley ThomsonClass: RallyO NoviceSaturday
Kristina BeresfordZena67.411001
Kristina BeresfordStellar71.0121002
Hana CrengleJava88.3100
Hana CrengleAwhi91.729100
Shirley ParkerBess97.1100
Sharon WrightRoxy82.50799
Alison MarrettDiva87.79499
June MaganTinka94.30699
Peggy ScottKimba97.3399
Bobby DickersonSikia107.16799
Lorraine LennoxPhoenix81.9898
Chrissy HarrisBiggie101.07697
Alison MarrettLoki94.56396
John CarbinLusi112.09892
Jill PayneFinn120.93680
Beverley ThomsonClass: RallyO Advanced ASaturday
Lorraine LennoxVeesa112.2321001
Lorraine LennoxJantsee115.21002
Hana CrengleJava150.389100
Sheelah StevensPepsi135.15796
Chrissy HarrisBiggie166.61896
Dot JanssenRingo129.65589
Bobby DickersonAmani152.23283
Jacky CarbinSassyNQ
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom FoundationSaturday
Jill PayneDigger89.339971
Lynne de SeymourWalter80.211962
Jill PayneFinn84.27396
Robyn FargherWyn78.48195
Jacky CarbinEmber85.7295
Lynne de SeymourKiori81.20693
Jill PayneDot85.49493
Robyn FargherClass: Zoom NoviceSaturday
Kristina BeresfordStellar64.6581001
Hana CrengleAwhi82.831002
Joan GibbsRuger86.072100
Hana CrengleJava90.373100
Peggy ScottKimba79.47399
Chrissy HarrisBiggie93.5199
Jill PayneDigger68.32398
Kristina BeresfordZena70.45598
Shirley ParkerBess87.47798
Sheelah StevensPepsi80.75197
Alison MarrettLoki93.31495
Bobby DickersonSikiaNQ
Alison MarrettDiviaNQ
Beverley ThomsonKhonNQ
Beverley ThomsonBroigeNQ
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom Advanced ASaturday
Dot JanssenRingo79.9881001
Chrissy HarrisBiggie100.349952
Jacky CarbinSassy118.64495
Robyn FagherGypsy116.84587
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom Advanced BSaturday
Bobby DickersonAmani93.082981
Robyn FargherZoom FoundationSunday
Helena BoagNova74.056991
Jacky CarbinEmber97.967972
Lynne de SeymourKiori100.52297
Beverley ThomsonKhon95.71995
Lynne de SeymourWalter81.40990
Beverley ThomsonBroigeNQ
Robyn FargherZoom NoviceSunday
Alison MarrettDiva83.831001
Sheelah StevensPepsi87.4591002
Joan GibbsRuger92.743100
Bobby DickersonSikia92.80299
June MaganTinka95.1699
Lorraine LennoxJantsee95.1699
Peggy ScottKimba88.49598
Des RichardsTedey114.87198
John CarbinLusi89.44697
Jill AndersonBeau115.70895
Alison MarrettLoki121.77891
Sharon WrightRoxy79.90790
Stephanie PoorMeggy124.96687
Lorraine LennoxPhoenixNQ
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom 2 Advanced ASunday
Dot JanssenRingo87.5531001
Lorraine LennoxVeesa93.9541002
Des RichardsScooby142.10799
Robyn FargherGypsy115.74395
Jacky CarbinSassy180.80891
Bobby DickersonAruba137.13490
Chrissy HarrisBiggie150.53690
Robyn FargherLeo124.10188
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom 2 Advanced BSunday
Bobby DickersonAmani120.8131001
Beverley ThomsonClass: Zoom 2 ExcellentSunday
Bobby DickersonAmani
Robyn FargherClass:  Handy Dog FoundationSunday
Beverley ThomsonKhon79.548981
Jill AndersonBeau66.932972
Beverley ThomsonBroige86.33293
Lynne de SeymourKiori1021.92792
Jacky CarbinEmber99.05491
Beverley ThomsonClass:  Handy Dog NoviceSunday
Robyn FargherGypsy89.467991
Alison MarrettDiva89.095972
Des RichardsScooby89.29097
Alison MarrettLoki93.11097
Jacky CarbinSassy105.67596
Des RichardsTedey113.14095
Chrissy HarrisBiggie129.54093
Robyn FargherLeo90.56090
Sheelah StevensPepsi89.45584
Stephanie PoorMeggy144.091NQ
Sharon WrightRoxyNQ
June MaganTinkaNQ


Report on NZARO AGM

Report on NZARO AGM and discussions.

This includes election of new committee, draft calendar, clarification of sogns allocations for each level and more information.


President = Linda Guinness

Vice President = Margarette Marshall

Secretary / Treasurer = Des Richards

Competition Manager = Karen de Wit

Committee: - Ann McSweeney, Beverley Thomson, Robyn Fargher, Noeline Wagner

Calendar (draft)

It was decided to develop a calendar of events for the year.

The following were agreed to;

2012 Sept- Hawkes Bay,

Oct- Feilding,

Nov-Pet Expo at Upper Hutt,

December –Otaki,

2013 January -Feilding with Champ show 4/5/6,

February – Masters Games Wanganui,

March -Rotorua,

May – CADS Porirua,

July – Wanganui,

August – Rally Expo Feilding

First Handy dog Novice title

This has gone to Lynda Cummins and Chloe from Feilding - well done!!

Zoom Advanced

Our 3rd Zoom advanced titliest is Bobby Dickerson with Amani - well done!!

Central all-breeds Dog Sports, Rally event, Porirua, May 19th 2012.

Thanks to Noelene Wagener who judged all the Rally classes and to Des Richards who judged the majority of the Zoom classes. Karen de Wit judged Zoom Advanced. Thanks to all the CADS members who worked hard all day to put together a most enjoyable day and at the end of it handed out sonme lovely prizes and ribbons.

According to my records, new titles were gained in Rally novice by Liz Barlow and Dougal, and Lorraine Lennox and Jontsee, and by Jan Voss and Pippa in Rally Advanced. Some people must be close to gaining the certificates needed for their next milestone patch.

Results, Central Allbreeds Dog Sports event, May 19th 2012


Zoom Foundation – Des Richards.


  1. Gillian Cruickshank             Cameo                     95/105.20
  2. Rosemary Mortimer             Moki                       93/132.43
  3. Sonia Calvert                        Toto                        83/129.47


Zoom Novice – Des Richards


  1. Karen de Wit                        Cee                          100/104.76
  2. Stephanie Poor                     Meggie                    100/124.57
  3. Karen de Wit                        Dee                          98/95.19
  4. Mike Butler                          Ella                         96/111.79
  5. Emma Blackmore                 Cobby                     93/125.29
  6. Liz Barlow                            Dixie                       93/129.14
  7. Jo Searle                               Jake                         93/153.40
  8. Lloyd Palleson                      lili                           90/111.38
  9. Lynette Hughes                    Bonnie                    86/142.12
  10. Liz Barlow                            Polly                       83/130.73
  11. Cath Dillon                           Rose                        79/136.69


Zoom Advanced – Karen de Wit  (View the course)


  1. Melanie Wyse                      Toby                        96/129.77
  2. Sonia calvert                         Sputnik                   94/131.29
  3. Lorraine Lennox                   Veesa                      89/104.32
  4. Bobby Dickerson                  Amani                     88/147.48
  5. Liz Barlow                            Dougal                    84/143.45
  6. Rachael Rae                          Lucy                        78/173.76
  7. Jenny Purdom                       Flynn                       71/183.42


Zoom Excellent – Des Richards


1. Bobby Dickerson                          Armani                    96/139.90



Rally Foundation – Noeline Wagener


  1. Gillian Cruickshank             Cameo                     100/105.275
  2. Sonia Calvert                        Toto                        99/125.547
  3. E Blackburn                          Cobby                     97/149.970
  4. R Suciants                             Kali                         88/121.880
  5. L Peacock                             Lacey                      85/147.373
  6. R Martin                               Moki                       79/108.956


Rally Novice – Noeline Wagener


  1. Cath Dillon                           Zing                        100/95.153
  2. Liz Barlow                            Polly                       100/107.312
  3. Rosemary Mortimer             Moki                       100/110.134
  4. Terri Lomax                         Tamzin                    100/121.176
  5. Lloyd Palleson                      Lilli                         99/94.316
  6. Gillian Cruickshank             Cameo                     99/100.436
  7. Cath Dillon                           Rose                        99/106.522
  8. Kim Paice                             beau                        99/109.280
  9. Lorraine Lennox                   Jontsee                    97
  10. Jo Searle                               Jake                         97
  11. Vivienne Lewis                    Ramble                   96
  12. Lynette Hughes                    Bonnie                    93
  13. Liz Barlow                            Dougal                    92


Rally Advanced – Noeline Wagener


  1. Lorraine Lennox                   Veesa                      100/93.868
  2. Jan Voss                                Pippa                       100/97.084
  3. Sonia Calvert                        Sputnik                   100/112.315
  4. Lloyd Palleson                      Lilli                         99/108.355
  5. Jenny Purdom                       Flynn                       98/137.489
  6. Rachael Rae                          Lucy                        96/95.511
  7. Stephanie poor                      Meggy                     95/145.518
  8. Bobby Dickerson                  Amani                     90/125.620
  9. Melanie Wyse                      Toby                        90/153.310
  10. Kim Paice                             Deefa                      88/121.919
  11. Kim Paice                             Beau                        88/129.921
  12. Lynette Hughes                    Bonnie                    81/254.602


Rally Excellent- Noeline Wagener


  1. Sonia Calvert                        Sputnik                   89/108.316
  2. Jan Voss                                Pippa                       79/91.913
  3. Geoff Collins                        Frenzy                     77/130.535









annual membership renewal is now due. Go to the membership page.

NZARO/NALA annual results

These are now available, go to the NALA page for a list of results.

Handy dog - notes from Linda Guiness. Feb 2012.

Just a couple of things about Handy Dog following my first course last weekend.(776kB)

14 qualifying scores out of 25 entries for Novice level and 3 out of 5 entries for Foundation level proved to me that there is a place for Foundation/Novice level in Handy Dog. When I first thought of the idea of Handy Dog the picture in my mind was that of more of an obstacle course rather than the obedience-type formula used in the Standard classes and I like to think that was achieved on Sunday where 6 out of the 11 stations were NZARO Handy Dog ones and 3 of them were obstacles. I used one change of sides which gave Foundation/Novice people a little taste of right-side heeling and stuck to a minimum number of stations overall so that the course wasn’t so daunting.

The event at Noeline’s was solely Rally and we easily managed to run three courses at all available levels in a civilised day. If we are running alongside other club events then we simply don’t need to offer all of our events on the one day

Linda Guiness (President NZARO)



RALLY-O FOUNDATION         Judge M.Butler                                        11 Entries

Penny Nalder & Ashley         98

Natalie Bickerton & Harley   96

Natalie Bickerton & Arizona 86

Sue Andresen & Cookie        86

Leonie Christian & Katy        85

Fiona Brown & Levi               79

Bev Thomson & Broige         75


RALLY-O NOVICE                   Judge M.Butler                                        15 Entries

Cath Dillon & Zing                 98

Lloyd Palleson & Lili              97

Liz Barlow & Dougal              93

Fiona Brown & Annie            90

Jenny Purdon & Flynn           88

Sue Andresen & Tip              87

Cath Dillon & Rose                85

Helen Carter & Dart              85

Robyn Fargher & Shuffle       84

Noeline Wagener & Diva      82

Liz Barlow & Polly Rocket     79

Christine Mander & Tess      78

Bev Thomson & Khan           76


RALLY-O ADVANCED             Judge M.Butler                                         12 Entries

Sonia Calvert & Sputnik        98

Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert   96

Robyn Fargher & Gypsy        94

Jane OÇallaghan & Ruku       81

Fiona Brown & Muffin          80

Rachel Rae & Lucy                 80

Robyn Fargher & leo             78


RALLY-O EXCELLENT              Judge M.Butler                                            3 Entries

Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert   96

Sonia Calvert & Sputnik        92

Lynda Cummins & Chloe      96


 ZOOM FOUNDATION            Judge D.Richards                                           5 Entries

Sonia Calvert & Toto             81


ZOOM NOVICE                      Judge D.Richards                                          15 Entries

Cath Dillon & Rose                98

Cath Dillon & Zing                 98

Noeline Wagener & Rumba  96

Liz Barlow & Dougal              93

Lloyd Pallesen & Lili              92

Sue Andresen & Tip              91

Helen Carter & Dart              90

Robyn Fargher & Shuffle       86

Stephanie Poor & Meggy      86

Penny Nalder & Ashley         85

Liz Barlow & Dixie                 81


ZOOM ADVANCED                Judge D.Richards                                            10 Entries

Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert   100

Sonia Calvert & Sputnik        96

Robyn Fargher & Leo            89

Lynette Hughes & Bonne      83

Helen Carter & Cracka          82

Rachel Rae & Lucy                 79

Jane O’Callaghan & Ruku      74


ZOOM EXCELLENT                 Judge D.Richards                                             2 Entries

Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert   100

Lynda Cummins & Chloe      87


HANDY-DOG FOUNDATION  Judge Linda Guinness                                       5 Entries

Penny Nalder & Ashley         98

Jane O’Çallaghan & Ruku      96

Bev Thomson & Broige         91


HANDY-DOG NOVICE            Judge Linda Guinness                                 23 Entries

Sonia Calvert & Sputnik        100

Sue Andresen & Tip              99

Jenny Purdon & Flynn           99

Liz Barlow & Dougal              98

Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert   98

Cath Dillon & Zing                 97

Robyn Fargher & Gypsy        97

Rachel Rae & Lucy                 97

Lynda Cummins & Chloe      96

Llloyd Palleson & Lili             95

Cath Dillon & Rose                95

Noeline Wagener & Rumba 95

Robyn Fargher & Leo            95

Fiona Brown & Muffin          92

Liz Barlow & Polly Rocket     82


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Pet Expo

Trentham Racecourse hosted the Pet Expo, held, November 5-6th. NZARO had stall space and we held a display in the birdcage on Saturday.

Thankyou to Des for manning the stall, and the CADTS girls for helping him out and supplying the stands for the signs. Thanks to Karen for organising the display. The surface in the birdcage was like an astroturf running track, lovely and soft and even for dogs and handlers. The course included a labyrinth and side change which most handlers/dogs coped with. When changing sides we were reminded that the signs that follow are also on a different side to normal!!


The lastest newsletter has been sent to all members. Topics include: Latest handy dog information, How to get a fast down, Advice for people entering their first rally event and more.....

To become a meber and receive all member benefits fill in the membership form on the Forms page

Milestone awards - 20 is here!

The new 20 badges have arrived!!

Those of you who have gained the required number of certificates are welcome to apply for a Badge. Remember, you have to be a member of NZARO to be eligible for a badge.

Use the application form on our Forms page

NZARO Rally at Bulls

WELL what wild weather the night before this event!! Travelling to Bulls there was wind, rain, hail, even a tornado and the same through the night, but wonders of wonders the day dawned fine and we even had periods of sunshine!!

The event was hold on asphalt carpark which was a great decision, also giving a nice wind break in the form of the Toilet/changing sheds block. Some great courses and I especially enjoyed Linda’s Zoom Novice course although I am sure I looked a real twat as I confused the spiral not once but twice with poor Cee who would have otherwise got 99 points!!

Jenny and her Boxer Flynn made the fast pace circle look easy, and there were some other nice rounds, including Nicola and Shadow and Pepsi who got highest qualifier and runnerup in Zoom Foundation. Also great to see other dogs and handler improving since our last outing.

The BIG NEWS came at the end of the day with Linda Cummins and Chloe gaining their second 100 and getting the first ever Zoom Advanced title!! We threatened her with a drag thru the puddles but instead she got shot in front of a colourful “Kiwis Can” mural.

Some Photos from the day are in the Photos section.


Foundation Rally (Judge: Des Richards)

Qualifiers:- Robyn Fargher/Flint (96), Robyn Fargher/Wyn (91), Bev Thomson/Broige (90). Merit: Nicola Cole/Shadow (78)

Novice Rally (Judge Des Richards)

Qualifiers: Karen de Wit/Dee (99), Robyn Fargher/Shuffle (96), Noeline Wagener/Rumba (93), Helen Carter/Dart (93), Jenny Purdom/Flynn (90)

Advanced Rally A (Judge Des Richards)

Qualified: Robyn Fargher/Gypsy (93), Merit: Helen Carter/Cracka (87), Rachel Rae/Lucy (87), Karen de Wit/Cee (72)

Advanced Rally B (Judge Des Richards)

 Qualified: Lynda Cummins/Chloe (99), Elsie Marriott/Fat Albert (93)

Excellent Rally  (Judge Des Richards)

Qualified: Elsie Marriott/Fat Albert (97), Merit: Linda Cummins/Chloe (80)


Foundation Zoom  (Judge: Linda Guiness)

Qualified: Nicola Cole/Shadow (98), Nicola Cole/Pepsi(94), Robyn Fargher/Wyn (90) Merit: Robyn Fargher/Jinks (89)

Novice Zoom (Judge: Linda Guiness)

Qualified: Elsie Marriott/Fat Albert (100), Karen de Wit/Dee (97), Robyn Fargher/Shuffle(95), Jenny Purdom/Flynn (95), Bev Thomson/Khon (94), Noeline Wagener/Diva (94), Karen de Wit/Cee (93), Noeline Wagener/Rumba (92) Rachel Rae/Lucy (90), Merit: Karen de Wit/Finn (82)

Advanced Zoom (Judge: Linda Guiness)

Qualifier: Lynda Cummins/Chloe (100), Elsie marriott/Fat Albert (97), Robyn Fargher/Gypsy (94) Robyn Fargher/Leo (90), Merit: Helen Carter/Cracka (89)

Milestones and titles

Check out the "Awards and Titles " page to see an updated list. Also count your qualifying certificates to see if you qualify for a Title Certificate. You can print off the Application form on our Forms page

Milestone awards

Our first patch has arrived!! It will costs $10 and is available from Flora McPake, so count all your certificates and see if you have the required ten!!

NZARO at APDT (Association of Pet dog Trainers) Conference June 4-5th

Flora McPake and Des Richards manned the NZARO stall at the second APDT conference which was recently held at the Brentwood Hotel in Wellington.

They organised a display which included :- flyers to hand out, the NEW milestone patches, as well as playing Rally on a laptop.

Thanks to Flora who attended both days and Des for helping spread the message about Rally and NZARO!!

NZARO newsletter

Our first newsletter for you to read!


CADTS Rally, May 21st at Porirua

Thanks to the girls and guys from CADTS for hostiong this competition indoors at NZKC Exhibition Centre, Porirua. It was a long day for them as it was preceded by Obedience Championship events, but all remained in great spirits. Thanks to Judges Helen Carter, Jan Voss and Jane O'Callaghan for some challenging courses too! Also Flora McPake and Noeline Wagener did a great job as scribes. The Zoom Novice was very wellsupported and the course was fast with lots of space to a few tight tricky bits at the end.  See more photos.


Foundation - Judge - Jane O'Callaghan

1st - Vivienne Lewis with Ramble - 95pts

2nd - Tony Heyward & Jaxon - 92pts

3rd - Tasmin Hains & Luna - 87pts

4th - Lora Peacock & Lacy - 87pts

5th - Lisa Snow & Mini - 77pts

Hilda Fryer - Darcy - 73pts


Novice  - Judge - Jane O'Callaghan

1st - Rosemary Cleator & Harvest - 100pts

2nd - Loraine Lennox & Veesa - 99pts

3rd - Joan Gibbs & Ruger - 92pts

4th - Loraine Lennox & Jantsee - 89pts

5th - Liz Barlow & Dougal - 89pts

Karen De Witt & Finn - 85pts

Jaylene Ramsell & Jess - 82pts

Lynette Haghes & Bonnie - 82pts

Liz Barlow & Polly - 82pts

Helen Carter & Dart - 79ps

Kim Paice & Beau - 77pts


Advanced A - Judge - Jan Voss

1st - Jane O'Callaghan & Ruku - 98pts

2nd - Bobby Dickerson & Amanii - 96pts

3rd - Kim Paice & Deefa - 94pts

4th - Melanie Wyse & Toby - 94pts

5th - Mike Butler & Rapid - 91pts

Robin Gemmill & Col - 78pts

Karen De Witt & Cee - 69pts

Stephanie Poor & Missy - 58pts


Advanced B - Judge - Jan Voss

1st - Sonia Calvert & Sputnik - 93pts

2nd - Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert - 86pts


Excellence - Judge - Jan Voss 

1st - Lynda Cummins & Chloe - 92pts

2nd Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert - 91pts



Foundation - Judge - Helen Carter

1st - Vivienne Lewis & Ramble - 95pts

2nd - Liz Barlow & Dixie - 95pts

3rd - Kate Neill & Monty - 94pts


Novice - Judge - Helen Carter

1st - Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert - 100pts

2nd - Robin Gemmill & Col - 100pts

3rd - Melanie Wyse & Toby - 100pts 

4th - Lorraine Lennox & Jantsee - 99pts

5th - Mike Butler & Rapid - 99pts

Anne McSweeny & Holly - 98pts

Joan Gibs & Ruger - 98pts

Jane O'Callaghan & Scuba - 98pts

Lorraine Lennox & Veesa - 97pts

Karen De Witt & Cee - 96pts

Rachel Rae & Lucy - 96pts

Mike Butler & Ella - 93pts

Liz Barlow & Dougal - 92pts

Lynette Hughes & Bonnie - 91pts

Kim Paice & Deefa - 87pts

Kim Paice & Beau - 84pts

Jaylene Ramsell & Jess - 82pts 


Advanced A - Judge - Helen Carter

1st - Lynda Cummins & Chloe - 100pts

2nd - Jane O'Callaghan & Ruku - 99pts

3rd - Bobby Dickerson & Amani - 98pts

4th - Sonia Clavert & Sputnik - 93pts

5th - Elsie Marriott & Fat Albert - 87pts

Wanganui Easter 23/4/2011

What a lovely way to spend a pleasant Autumn day! Wanganui has a lovely club grounds and we were positioned near the trees, shelter from the hot sunshine that joined us periodically during the day. Two rings were set up, with Zoom in one and standard Rally in the other.

Our Judges were Margaret Marshall and Des Richards and they both did a great job, judging for hours and hours!! Also Flora McPake assisted and wrote up LOTS of certificates!!

Thanks to Wanganui helpers - Betsy, Meg, Wendy, Kathy and those in the kitchen who organized all that food – wow! nobody would have been hungry!

Congratulations to Lynda Cummins and Chloe who gained their first step to the Rally Excellent Title with a 100.  Another two and they will have the ultimate title and we are thinking how to best celebrate this. The agility people always give them a couple of buckets of water but perhaps we could give a bottle of wine in celebration - we shall see!!

See more photos.  

Wanganui Official NZARO Rally Trial 23-April-2011


Rally Foundation Judge Des Richards

 Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost               Final Score

Finn                 Karen de Wit                 86.30                        2                                 98

Shuffle             Robyn Fargher            1.30.98                        8                                 92

Jinks                Robyn Fargher            1.46.01                        9                                 91

Ember             Jacky Carbin               1.37.98                        11                                89

Khon               Bev Thomson             1.49.59                        17                                83


Rally Novice  Judge Des Richards

Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost                Final Score

Quick              Karen de Wit              1.00.81                        3                                 97

Dee                  Karen de Wit                96.95                         4                                 96

Dart                 Helen Carter               1.59.97                        6                                 94

Flynn               Jenny Purdom             1.42.61                        9                                 91

Meggy             Stephanie Poor           1.50.40                        11                                89

Bonnie            Lynette Hughes          1.51.39                        12                                88

Cee                  Karen de Wit              1.09.78                        13                                87

Beryl               Sue Muir                                                                                             NQ


Rally Advanced A Judge Des Richards

Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost                Final Score

Amani             Bobby Dickerson        1.62.55                        1                                 99

Gypsy              Robyn Fargher            1.98.70                        4                                 96

Musca             Meg Hansford             1.68.77                        6                                 94

Ruku               Jane O’Callaghan       1.99.48                        13                                87

Sputnik           Sonia Calvert              1.45.83                        14                                86

Lucy                Rachel  Rae                 5.07.55                        18                                82

Rapid              Mike Butler                1.58.60                        19                                81

Quick              Karen de Wit              1.39.00                        26                                74

Flynn               Jenny Purdom                                                                                     NQ

Cracka             Helen Carter                                                                                      NQ

Bonnie            Lynette Hughes                                                                                    NQ

Leo                  Robyn Fargher                                                                                   NQ

Meggy             Stephanie Poor                                                                                   NQ


Rally Advanced B Judge Des Richards

Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost                Final Score

Chloe              Lynda Cummins         1.36.19                        3                                 97

Aruba              Bobby Dickerson        1.56.64                        4                                 96

Anjin               John Carbin                1.30.96                        11                                89

Sassy               Jacky Carbin               1.72.98                        12                                88


 Rally Excellent Judge Des Richards

Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost                Final Score

Chloe              Lynda Cummins         1.48.64                        0                                  100

Aruba              Bobby Dickerson        1.70.39                        1                                  99

Anjin               John Carbin                                                                                        NQ




Zoom Foundation Judge Marg. Marshall

 Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost               Final Score

Shuffle             Robyn Fargher            1.50.18                        3                                  97

Jinks                Robyn Fargher            1.58.21                        4                                  96

Khon               Bev Thomson             1.59.69                        6                                  94

Finn                 Karen de Wit              1.32.50                      20                                  70

Ember             Jacky Carbin                                                                                       NQ

Zoom Novice Judge Marg. Marshall

 Dog                 Handler                      Time                   Points Lost           Final Score

Quick              Karen de Wit              1.10.50                        0                                 100

Rapid              Mike Butler                1.1169                         0                                 100

Anjin               John Carbin                1.12.01                        0                                 100

Ruku               Jane O’Callaghan       1.14.00                        0                                 100

Sassy               Jacky Carbin               1.28.41                        0                                 100

Amani             Bobby Dickerson        1.28.75                        0                                 100

Sputnik           Sonia Calvert              1.13.97                        0         `                       100

Cee                  Karen de Wit              1.09.35                        1                                 99

Dee                  Karen de Wit              1.11.91                        1                                 99

Leo                  Robyn Fargher            1.43.72                        1                                 99

Chloe              Lynda Cummins         1.16.63                        2                                 98

Cracka             Helen Carter               1.29.19                        2                                 98

Bonnie            Lynette Hughes          1.28.85                        3                                 97

Flynn               Jenny Purdom             1.29.63                        3                                 97

Aruba              Bobby Dickerson        1.39.22                        3                                 97

Gypsy              Robyn Fargher            1.45.00                        4                                 96

Lucy                Rachel Rae                  1.49.40                        4                                 96

Topaz              Bev Thomson             1.53.84                        5                                 95

Ella                 Shelley Turner              1.39.34                        7                                 93

Jade                 Bev Thomson             1.42.60                        7                                 93

Dart                 Helen Carter               1.30.22                        9                                 91

Beryl               Sue Muir                     1.43.40                        12                                88                                          

Zoom Advanced A Judge Marg. Marshall

 Dog                 Handler                      Time               Points Lost               Final Score

Chloe              Lynda Cummins         1.32.63                        1                                 99

Gypsy              Robyn Fargher            2.11.22                        2                                 98

Cracka             Helen Carter               1.58.32                        5                                 95

Leo                  Robyn Fargher            2.20.47                        5                                 95

Quick              Karen de Wit              1.38.78                        13                                87

Topaz              Bev Thomson             2.32.12                        14                                86

Jade                 Bev Thomson             2.04.55                        15                                85

Bonnie            Lynette Hughes                                                                                  NQ

Sputnik           Sonia Calvert                                                                                      NQ


Otaki K9s Rally event 16th April 2011

Jane OÇallaghan wrote “I just wanted to say a big thank you for a great day out at Noeline's place for the Rally & Flygility. The weather was ok'ish, sometimes hot & then a bit on the rainy side, but yay, hardly a breath of wind, and the rainy bits really didn't seem to dampen anybody's enthusiasm for either sport!

I must remember to take my brain with me to the next Rally event, as missing a sign is just sooo silly, I must have been in la-la land!  Roll on Wanganui this Saturday and I can't wait to give the new Handy dog course a go.. Looks tough but sounds great fun! Thanks again for a great day & I can't wait for the next one you throw Noeline! :)


Liz Barlow agreed “here here! Thanks to Noeline for another lovely event at your lovely place!  The scones were DIVINE!!


FOUNDATION RALLY                                                                                                           

Judge:          Helen Carter 


Number       Dog                  Handler                Time             Points Lost     Final Score

3                   Shuffle             R. Fargher           116.37         5                     95                

4                   Khon                B. Thomson        130.00         8                      92                

5                   Bobbie             M. Clift                 122.15         17                    83                

1                   Rumble            V. Lewis                                                           NQ               

2                   High Jinks        R.Fargher                                                        NQ               

6                   Belle                 F.Brown                                                          NQ               


NOVICE RALLY                                                                                                     

Judge:          Helen Carter                                                                                                     

Number       Dog                  Handler                Time             Points Lost     Final Score

31                 Meggy             S.Poor                  122.78         0                     100              

28                 Rumba             N.Wagener         108.97         1                      99                

23                 Flynn                J.Purdon              113.12         1                     99                

35                 Muffin             F.Brown               87.66           3                      97                

21                 Dart                  H.Carter               117.75         3                    97                

22                 Breeze             R.Maehead         96.09           4                      96                

33                 Dougal             L.Barlow              116.69         9                      91                

27                 Ty                     D.Mundy              110.13         10                   90                

26                 Mulga              L.Austin                118.15         12                   88                

29                 Bonnie             L.Hughes             125.06         14                    86                

34                 Lex                   D.Mundy              93.31           21                   79                

25                 Frankie            S.Muir                                                              NQ               

30                 Tedey               D.Richards                                                     NQ               

32                 Polly                 L.Barlow                                                          NQ               



ADVANCED A                                                                                                                      

Judge:          Noeline Wagener                        (Under D.Richards)                                 

Number       Dog                  Handler                Time             Points Lost     Final Score

41                 Sputnik            S.Calvert              125.15         1                     99                

44                 Gypsy               R.Fargher            167.10         7                    93                

48                 Jade                 B.Thomson         145.68         8                      92                

42                 Cracka             H.Carter               175.22         8                    92                

45                 Leo                   R.Fargher            187.47         9                    91                

51                 Scooby            D.Richards           207.81         23                   77                

43                 Flynn                J.Purdon                                                         NQ               

46                 Lucy                 R.Rae                                                             NQ               

47                 Topaz               B.Thomson                                                     NQ               

49                 Ruku                 J.O'Callaghan                                                NQ