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All RallyO courses and team results can be found using the Agility Link  magazines website.
For information contact Karen on E; [email protected]
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Challenge courses for 2021/22

RallyO challenge courses for the 2021/22 season will be:- May. August, October, December, January, March 

Oct 2021

Sept 2021

August 2021

June/July 2021

May 2021

April 2021

March 2021

Feb 2021

Jan 2021




September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

June Rally course

This is contained within the NALA magazine - enjoy!

Agility Link magazine contains the RallyO courses for the month. Click here to view.

Jan 2020



Dec 2019



Nov 2019

Participants must take care to ensure the course is set up as per the published plan. Signs must be placed directly where the number is on the plan, and any number, if not placed on the sign itself must be placed to the right of the sign. All performances to be done within a metre square of the sign. Brisk walking pace is defined as a maximum of 1.78 m/s. 

Oct 2019

Course - There is a standard and Advanced course.

NOTE: NZARO committee has decided that dogs may be run off-lead for both courses if handler chooses.


Sept 2019



August 2019


May 2019

April 2019

End of year results

March 2019

Feb 2019

Jan 2019

Dec 2018

Nov 2018



Oct 2018

Sept 2018

This is the first of our Challenge courses offer!!

They will be available in September, November and February. They will be Off-lead and include some more difficult stations than usual.



August 2018

June/July 2018



May 2018

April 2018

March 2018


February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017


September 2017

Course - a change of sides this month too!!

August 2017



May 2017



April 2017

You need to renew your membership for your results to count!!
Next month the course will include  change of side!!

March 2017

Feb 2017

Jan 2017

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Oct 2016

Sept 2016

August 2016

June-July 2016

You have until end July to submit results for this course.



May 2016

April 2016.

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

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What is Rally-O?
Rally-O is a sport which contains elements of obedience, agility and dancing with dogs. The course is numbered and timed and there might be cones, tunnels and jumps. There are turns, sits, downs and recalls. There are 270s, 360s, serpentines and spirals, fast speed and slow speed. It is suitable for the first-time dog owner, the obedience and agility competitor and the agility dog under 18 months as well as retired dogs that still want to work. It provides various levels, with increasing skill requirements.

What is NZARO?
NZARO is an incorporated society whose aim is to promote Rally-O throughout out New Zealand. NZARO holds official events where dogs can earn Qualifying Certificates (much like agility CRCs) and Milestone Awards, as well as Titles for the more accomplished.

NALA has agreed to provide NZARO space in their magazine. NALA think that Rally-O is most complimentary to agility and are pleased to encourage NZARO, much like when Flygility began.

The Competition
Each month a course is provided. Participants are judged and timed. Participants will be ranked based on score, then time. There will be an Individual and a Club competition. The Club competition will be based on the total score of the Club's best three dogs and handlers.  At the end of the year there will be awards for prizegetters.

How you can take part

Clubs dont need to join, but individual members wanting their results recorded MUST join. You can take part by joining  either NALA or NZARO. Joining NALA allows you to also run agility and flygility. Joining NZARO allows you to enter annual expo and other NZARO events, receive certificates and awards.

Rules and Judging
Participants are scored by marks over time. Dogs are expected to move with the handler around the course, and to follow the handler's commands to sit, lie down, etc. Penalties are gained if the dog deviates from the handler's side, sits to one side if supposed to be in front, fails to lie down on the first command, etc. All Clubs will receive the Rally-O NALA guidelines with their NALA magazines.
Anyone who has read the guidelines and is familiar with them, can judge NALA Rally-O.


Marrying is where two or more signs are placed at the same numbered station. In Zoom and Handy dogs signs may be married. Married signs are performed in sequence from left to right. For each level there will be a maximum number of stations that may have married signs.

NALA Link may include married signs.

NALA Facebook page
Below: Example of one of the Link courses.



October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

Course for August

Results for August.

This course includes the labyrinth for the first time ever in a NALA course.

June 2015

Course for june

Remember you have till end July to get these results in.

Results for june.

May 2015.

April 2015

Course for April.

Results for April.

NOTE: it is time to renew your membership if you want your results to count for the individual and team score. . NZARO membership form can be downloaded from this website. 

March 2015

Course for march

results for march

February 2015

January 2015 course

December course

November 2014



Course for September - please have results in by end of September


August 2014

Course for August - please have results in by end of August


June 2014

Course for June/July - please have results in by end of July

Results for June

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

Course. This course has the sign NZARO #1


January 2014 - Happy New year!!!



NB: The scores for this course must be submitted to Mike Butler by the end of December. There will also be a January course, due to taking a month off over winter.





TIME DIFFERENCES. by Karen de Wit.

A question was asked on an email group about the differences in times for some people to do the course cf with others.


My answer is reproduced below.


There are no actual rules for RallyO Link, though that would be a good idea, and I will start to work on some. Contributions welcome. However, Robyn’s comments about the time difference are interesting, even if it is not a new discussion.


If you look at the monthly course plan you will see approx how far you have to walk to complete the course. I looked at a recent course and people finished the course (getting 100) at a speed that ranged from 1.2 to 1.9 m/s.


If you look up Google it says that the top range for human walking is 2.5 m/s, that the preferred walking speed for most humans is 1.4 m/s, and that a human walking at a brisk pace goes 1.8 m/s. Having judged RallyO it is clear that some people walk much faster than others!


Perhaps next time you do a course you could look at the total distance, and divide that by the time you took. This will give you the m/s rate and you can then compare it to what a human walking at a brisk walk can do = 1.8 m/s. (If you are down at 1.5 m/s then you need to walk faster/improve in other areas)


If you then are able to cut a few metres off the total course by being really tight around the cones etc, and if your dog goes to heel really fast, that will also affect your time. The course I am referring to I was able to knock off 3m by going tight around the serpentine. It also had a fast pace component which would have an impact, and a 360 turn that could be done very quickly and tightly. The course I looked at had no halts so slow sits or downs were not a factor, but could be.


Perhaps we could look at how close to a cone you need to execute your turn/move, as that could have an impact on the total distance walked, however I think if you work on walking slightly faster, tighter turns and slicker finishes then your times will improve. I also think that often people do not have the course in their minds so they take up time thinking about where they need to go, rather than just doing it – so practicing course visualisation as we do in agility would be a good idea too.



This course has two NZARO signs in it, namely the Circle right dog outside (NZARO # 2) and Circle left dog on inside (NZARO # 3)



July/August course

This course does not need to be completed till August 30th. (it can be found in the purple NALA magazine)

Course is a Zoom course. There is one married sign, to be performed from left to right ie. normal pace followed by a 360 turn.

The reason for having a month off in winter is because the weather is often unpleasant, and grounds are often closed. We will still have 11 courses as we will have one in December and one in January.

 Have fun!!



June course, results to Mike Butler by June 30th.

(This course is in the green MAY magazine).

June results


May course, results to Mike Butler by May 31st.

May results


April course - results required to Mike Butler by April 30th.

April results.

Annual results.

NZARO would like to congratulate


1st. Norwest

2nd. Mt Maunganui


The top 5 were:-

1            Norwest                    Maree Green                           Ted

2            Norwest                    Rosalind Walkington             Emma

3            Mt Maunganui         Fiona Goodall                          Luna

4            Mt Maunganui         Fiona Goodall                          Promise

5            Norwest                    Rosalind Walkington             Fletcher


March 2013

March course - results in by March 31st

March Results

February 2013

February course - results to be in by February 28th.

February results

Dec/January 2013 course

You need to submit the results for this by Jan 31st.

Dec Jan course.  Dec/Jan results

November course

You can run this course anytime from now till the end of November. Run the Oct and November courses at the same time and make it a really RALLY TIME!!!

Note: When sending the results to Mike make sure you make it clear what month the results are for!!

November course. November results

September results 

October course

October course    October results

You can run this course anytime from now till the end of September. Run the Sept and August courses at the same time and make it a really RALLY TIME!!!

Note: When sending the results to Mike make sure you make it clear what month the results are for!!

August results

September Course

NZARO Course for September. You can run this course anytime from now till the end of September. Run the Sept and August courses at the same time and make it a really RALLY TIME!!!

Note: When sending the results to Mike make sure you make it clear what month the results are for!!

July results

August course

NZARO Course for August. You can run this course anytime from now till the end of August. Run the July and August courses at the same time and make it a really RALLY TIME!!!

Note: When sending the results to Mike make sure you make it clear what month the results are for!!

June results

July course

NZARO course for July, note there are 3 NZARO signs to be used. Results must be with Mike Butler by the end of July.

May results.

June course

The NZARO Rally-O course for June, results must be with Mike Butler by the end of June.

May magazine, April results

Rally pages in the NALA May magazine and the full April results.


Thankyou to all those of you who competed at least 8 times over the year. We hope everyone enjoyed the competition and is looking forward to more fun and games in 2012!!

BIG THANKS to Mike Butler for coordinating all the results and producing the monthly and annual lists of results. Thanks to Linda Guiness and Robyn Fargher for editing the monthly courses. Dont forget that you are welcome to submit a course too, email to [email protected]


The top 5 will receive awards as will the top Club. We will advise when this will happen.

1  Mt MaunganuiAnne ProctorSilke26
2 Mt MaunganuiFiona GoodallLuna29
3 Mt MaunganuiFiona GoodallPromise35
4 SelwynKelly WalkerMaddie56
5 Central ADTSJan VossPippa68

TOP CLUB: Mount Maunganui

Runner-up: Hawkes Bay

Full list of results.

May course, April magazine and results

April magazine Rally pages, and the course for May.

April course and March magazine

Rally pages from the March magazine and April's course, results to be in by the end of April please.

March results

March course and February magazine

The course plan for March, results to be in by end of March please  2012 March Rally.pdf 

Rally pages from the February NALA magazine

Results from February.

Dec/January results

December magazine and February course

The pages from the December NALA magazine that relate to Rally  RallyDecmag.pdf

and the course for completion by the end of February. Rallyfeb2012.pdf

November magazine and Dec/January course

The Rally pages from the NALA magazine which includes the course which is to be run by the end of January 2012.  Rally course jan 2012.pdf

November Results

October results

September results

November course

Click below to see the course for November, which must be completed by the end of November.  Nov2011 Rally.pdf

October course

Click to see the course which must be completed by the end of October. Oct2011Rally.pdf

View the September Rally pages here.

September course

RallyLink course Sept 2011.pdf  The course must be completed by September 30th

August NALA magazine ~NZARO Rally pages

August 2011 NALA RALLY pages .pdf

Click to read this month's NZARO Rally pages

July results

Click on the Link to see the full set of results, individual and Teams.

July 2011 RallyO Link Results.pdf

Rally pages (July NALA magazine) and course for August

Rally pages July 2011.pdf

The August Course to be completed by August 31st  Rally Link August 2011.pdf

June results

Teams and individual results from June

Rally pages from June NALA magazine

 This file includes

  • May results including Team and individual
  • July course to be completed by 31st July

 NALA Rally pages

Rally pages from May 2011, course for JUNE

NZARO Rally 2010-2011 Annual results

The full individual and Club results for the year are now available.

Ribbons will be awarded to the top 5 individuals and the Top club and runnerup Club team.

Well done to all who entered.

RallyO 2010-11 Annual Results.pdf

April 2011 results

Rally pages from April 2011, course for MAY

Rally Aprilmag1 .pdf

 Rally Aprilmag2 .pdf

Click on page one to read about Rally, Page 2 for the course.

March 2011 results

Rally pages from March 2011, course for April

The rally course for completion by end of April 2011 March Rally.pdf

The rally pages in the March NALA magazine. March mag NZARO Rally pages.pdf

We apologise for lack of results, due to a computer glitch...

Rally pages from February 2011 NALA magazine including course for March

Rally pages from Feb 2011 NALA mag.pdf

The Course for March will be a Zoom course, and you will need lots of cones!!

Some stations are repeated so you will need to do another copy (or just remember!).

 Have fun!!!

Results Dec/Jan 2011

Rally pages from Dec/Jan 2011 NALA magazine, Results and course for February

A link to the rally pages published in the recent NALA magazine

Rally pages Dec 2010.pdf

A link to all the results for the month, individual and team.

All Rally results.pdf

Rally pages, Nov 2010 NALA magazine and course for Dec/Jan


NALA course for November

Rally results, September

Rally Results, August

NALA courses for September and October

NALA July, August course

NALA June, July course

NALA pages including March course

NALA pages including course for February

NALA Course for December

NALA course for November