NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis

RALLY Advanced Honours Board

Advanced Honours Board

August 2018... Rhonda Campbell and Asti

August 2018      Karen de Wit and Dee

August 2016      Clare Grattan and Vincent

November 2014  Jenny Purdom and Kyla

October 2014     Sheelah Stevens and Pepsi

August 2014     Barbara James and Jordy

July 2014         Robin Gemmill  and Col

May 2014        Ann McSweeney and Katy

Sept 2011    Christine Neilsen          Co 

Sept 2011    Christine Neilsen          Pete

July 2011     Elaine Herve                Eddie             Feilding 

March 2011              Sonia Calvert              Sputnik          Wellington

March 2011              Mike Butler                Rapid             Wellington

January 2011           Lynda Cummins           Chloe             Feilding

November 2010       Linda Guinness            Sake               Feilding

October 2010           John Carbin                Anjin              Hastings

                                  Ann McSweeney           Holly              Rotorua

September 2010       Bobby Dickerson          Aruba             Hastings

                                  Elsie Marriott              Fat Albert       Feilding

                               Linda Guinness          Bucca             Feilding

April 2010               Geoff Collins              Frenzy            Wellington

March 2010              Maria Storey               Ice                  Levin