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Rally-O for  Kiwis



Click on sign below to download A4 size publication of new signs

Around pole to heel

Around pole to side

Around & return to heel

Around & return to side

Backup centre

Spin left

spin right

Signs that can also be used in Zoom: Around pole to heel, around and return to heel, spin left


updated August 1 2017.

For up to date information about NZARO RallyO in NZ.


This publication includes illustrated descriptions of all signs which can be used in courses for NZARO Titles.

(updated August 2018)


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Download this pdf for a full set of A4 signs you can print yourself.

Includes standard, Zoom, Handy dog signs.


A list of places where you can learn Rally-O.


For information on Judging and a list of Judges go to the Judging Page.

Another way to hold your RallyO signs up. Click here.

This uses corflute and plastic drain pipe. 

LADDER construction - for Handy dog.

For instructions and illustrations of how to make a PVC ladder click here.

Demonstrations & LINKS

click here to view some videos of NZARO signs.
Click here to view other videos and links to good websites!

Limited Rally trials

The Limited Rally Trial provides an opportunity for newer rally trialists, especially those in more isolated areas, to gain certificates towards their NZARO qualifications whilst reducing the amount of travel required. LRTs are primarily organised for the benefit of members of the organising club or training group, but depending on the number of participating members, the organising group may accept prior registrations from other NZARO members.

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  • How do you become an NZARO judge?
  • Some good course design software
  • Who are our NZARO judges?


Click here to view some NZARO courses.
Click here to view some local NZARO rallyO providers.



For instructions and illustrations of how to make a PVC ladder, click here.

Holding up Rally O signs.

1. Corflute and plastic pipe method. Click here for more details. 
2. Using wooden stands. Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3