NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis

Running NZARO events


If you wish to run a NZARO RallyO event please fill in the application form. You can either fill in the form and email it back, or print off the form and post. All details are on the forms. 

Here is a very general event management sheet that might be of use to you. Modify for any event/club.

Download Application to run an event form.

Please save the form  with your club name on it. This is a fillinable form, so you fill in your details and save then email to the Competitions manager. 

This costs $20 per set/part set of classes (A full set is Rally + Zoom + Handy at all levels)

Limited rally Trials.

Is the idea of running a whole Rally event a bit over-whelming? Have you considered running a Limited rally trial? Click here for more information.

Application for a RallyO event subsidy.

If you need help running your event from a financial point of view we can help, by providing assistance to get a judge to your event, or by providing ribbons. Just ask us before your event.

Find a Judge and contract the Judge.

NZARO Judging contract

These score sheets are for judges. Usually they will bring their own, but it is good to be able to print some off  if they run out on the day.

Online entry

NZARO can organise online entry for you, and send you a spreadsheet with entries in it. You can the use this to merge into a Word document to print off certificates, or for REM

Please contact the Competition manager with all details related to the event. 

Closing date for online entries must be a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.

Forms needed on the day.

NZARO entry slips - Use these for people entering on the day

NZARO Tally Sheet - List your participants and fill in their scores

Its also a good idea to print off some membership forms so that people can join NZARO on the day. Remember that non-members can compete but are non-competitive so not eligible for any ribbons or awards or certificates. See below for link to membership forms.


Qualifying certificates are printed on A5 yellow card. 

These are given out for those gaining:-

90 and above in Foundation and Novice, 

95 and above for Advanced and 

98 and above for Excellent.

Merit certificates are printed out on A5 white card and are given to those gaining:-

70 and above at all levels

For written certificates download these blanks, or click on the pictures of the certificates.




Please send a full set of results after the event. Feel free to celebrate on Facebook etc.

Want to join NZARO?


You can renew your NZARO membership(due April 1st) or join as a new member by using our ONLINE formand paying by internet banking.

Pay to our new bank account KIWIBANK 38-9017-0102848-00

Alternatively Download this form, fill it in and post, along with remittance, to the address on the form.

Apply for Milestone award or Patch


Go to the awards page and print off one of our easy-to-follow forms

NOTE: only those certificates gained when the person was a financial NZARO member will count towards titles.

Apply for a NZARO grant

You can apply to NZARO for a grant for activities or resources relating to NZARO RallyO

Grant form.