NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis



Zoom is unique to New Zealand. Zoom differs from standard Rally and Handy Dog in that there are no halt stations included.  This class may therefore suit older dogs or dogs who have trouble sitting, for example, as the course comprises only circles, spirals, serpentines and turns.


The object of this class is to show that the dog can negotiate a number of turns and twists, sometimes at different speeds while all the time maintaining a stable heel position and without his or her handler getting dizzy or lost!

Marrying of Signs

Marrying is where two or more signs are placed at the same numbered station. In Zoom and Handy dogs signs may be married. Married signs are performed in sequence from left to right. For each level there will be a maximum number of stations that may have married signs.

Zoom signs applicable for the level will used. 

Signs to be used

Any sign that does not include a halt or pause. Additional signs introduced by NZARO - figure of eight, circles etc. (No equipment signs as these are used for Handy dog)

Level of difficulty

Difficulty will increase according to the class being participated in. This will mean more obstacles and more changes of pace.