NZ Association of rally Obedience

Rally-O for  Kiwis

Zoom Advanced and Excellent Honours board

Zoom Advanced titles

Liz Barlow and Polly  March 2019

Jane Aukett  and Holly         August 2018

Peter de Wit             Quick  August 2018

Rhonda Campbell    Asti    December 2017

Fiona Richmond       Luca   August 2017

Clare Grattan           Vincent       August 2016

Karen de Wit            Dee   December 2016

Jane OCallaghan     Ruku December 2015

Jenny Purdom          Kyla    November 2014

Robin Gemmill         Col   July 2014

Ann Mc

Sweeney      Holly October 2013

Ann McSweeney      Katy   August 2013

Bobby Dickerson      Amani        May 2013

Elsie Marriot              Fat Albert   Oct 2011

Lynda Cummins       Chloe        July 2011


Zoom Excellent

Feb 2015     Ann McSweeney and Katy

Nov 2014    Robin Gemmill and Col

Dec 2012    Elsie Marriot and Fat Albert

2015... Zoom excellent merit 2

Ann McSweeney and Holly