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ZOOM Novice

ZOOM Novice 

ZOOM Foundation

August 2018.... Renee Evans and Abby
August 2018.....Helen Carter and Trax
August 2018....Peter de Wit and Sequel
July 2018.........Elaine Limburg and Wag
July 2018.........Helena Akesson and Zero
July 2018.........Helena Akesson and Echo
August 2017... Lynda Cummins and Blaze
August 2017....Penny Bushell and Tank
August 2017.....Karen de Wit and Finn
May 2017.........Jill Anderson and Kiri
August 2018....Wendy Osmond and Gunnah
August 2018....Cherie Picking and Tank Destroyer 
August 2018....Rhonda Campbell and Reba
July 2017... Helena Akesson and Miso
Aug 2017...Penny Bushell and Tank
Dec 2016.....Robyn Fargher and Astro
Dec 2016 ....Heather Fraser and Yogi
July 2016     Lynne Birkett and Bolly
July 2016 ..... Lynne Birkett and Harley
Dec 2015      Jane OCallaghan and Mono

Dec 2016   Robyn Fargher and Wyn

Dec 2016     Robin Gemmill and Birdie

July 2016     Lynne Birkett and Bolly

August 2016   Mary Browne and Monty

July 2016    Clare Grattan and Vince

Nov 2015        Rhonda Campbell and Asti    

April 2015       Emma Speeden and Charcoal

April 2015        Emma Speeden and Henry

October 2014    Jo Searle and Maxine

October 2014    Liz Barlow and Dixie 

August 2014     Karen de Wit and Dee

August 2014     Nicky Detheridge-Davies and Rufus

August 2014     Barbara James and Finn

August 2014     Barbara James and Shaylar

August 2014     Barbara James and Jordy

August 2014     Clare Grattan and Coal

August 2014     Donna Garrity and Mack

August 2014     Brenda Dickerson and Myia

August 2014     Karen de Wit and Quick

August 2014     Heather Mitchell and Mica

August 2013     Robin Gemmill    Col (Maungaraki Futura CDX)

August 2013     Julie Cowell      Penny

April 2013        Noeline Wagener    Starstruck Ready to Rumba

April 2013         Noeline Wagener      Ch Xzeta Vivaladiva ADX JDX FD

February 2013   Bobby Dickerson and Sikia

30 Dec 2012      Robyn Fargher     Shuffle 

29  Dec 2012     Ann McSweeney      Katy

28   Sept 2012    Lorraine Lennox   Veesa

28  Sept 2012       Peggy Scott       Kimba

27   Sept 2012      Dot Jansen    Ringo

26   Sept 2012         Sheelah Stevens  Pepsi

25     May 2012      Des Richards     Scooby

24                                   Joan Gibbs     Rugger

23                                    Ann McSweeney      Holly    

22                                    Mike Butler             Ella

21        May 2012             Helen Carter           Dart

20          Sept 2011          Lorraine lennox       Veesa

19          Sept 2011          Dot Jansen             Ringo

18          Sept 2011          John Carbin            Anjin

17          July 2011            Sonia Calvert         Sputnik

16          July 2011             Mike Butler            Rapid

15                                   Melanie Wyse         Toby

14      March 2011         Helen Carter          Cracka        Otaki

          March 2011        Karen de Wit        Cee

13      March 2011         Rachel Rae            Lucy           Feilding

12      March 2011         Jenny Purdom       Flynn          Shannon

11      March 2011         Bev Thomson        Topaz         Central Hawkes Bay

10      March 2011         Bev Thomson        Jade            Central Hawkes Bay

9        March 2011         Jane O'Callaghan  Ruku           Wellington

8        March 2011         Robyn Fargher      Leo             Central Hawkes Bay

7        March 2011         Bobby Dickerson  Amani         Hastings

6        March 2011         Bobby Dickerson  Aruba         Hastings

5        March 2011         Elsie Marriott        Fat Albert   Feilding

4        March 2011         Lynette Hughes     Bonnie        Palmerston North

3        March 2011         Lynda Cummins    Chloe          Feilding

2                                    Robyn Fargher      Gypsy         Central Hawkes Bay

1        February 2011     Jackie Carbin        Sassy          Hastings

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